Yahoo email Bye Bye ten years & now i cant stand it!

  Autoschediastic 09:00 26 Sep 2011

Good morning everyone!

I started using emails almost 12/13 years ago starting with "Excite" then they closed down back then so i looked for an alternative & yahoo was the chosen one, Having been impressed in the past many moons ago i used to pay for my accounts with them but then in 2004 i started to get spam trickle through,

I managed with the spam for a few years until it became too much and my main yahoo account was with a user name that my friends used to call me so even if we lost contact they knew my account name and ive reconnected with them through that account, Well i became overwhelmed with spam some years ago & decided i wouldn't pay for the account anymore! so i stopped the payments, & the spam just came rolling in some days i would get upto 100 spam emails in ONE DAY!

it became that when i was opening up my account i spent most time deleting the spam which i had to check due to lost friends possibly contacting me, I find it hard to absorb that a huge company like yahoo dont have the ability to let its users have a BLOCK button/option so any emails from THAT address are blocked & can no longer spam you? YES they have a pointless spam filter which does just exactly what it says and thats direct spam to your spam folder BUT it frustrates me to STILL be getting dozens of emails from Viagra spammers & penis enlargers so to speak lol

So i am after another email Client that has a better way of dealing with spam & i am prepared to pay for the account IF they have a better approach towards spam, so does anyone know of such a company? Damn you yahoo!

  interzone55 09:31 26 Sep 2011

Use Gmail

No fee to pay

7gb of storage

next to zero spam as it has a superb filter, the junk mail box is cleared every 30 days so you can check for false positives, but these rarely happen.

If spam does go in your inbox you can mark it as spam in the web client and future mail from the same sender will go in the junk mail. Sometimes the software is clever enough to see there's an unsubscribe address and if it's safe to use will send a request for you.

Gmail also works with most software email programs, and can collect mail from other accounts for you.

I've been using Gmail from the early beta stage in 2004 and wouldn't go anywhere else for email

  Autoschediastic 10:43 26 Sep 2011

Alan thanks so much! i'l look into this.. Cheers A

  wiz-king 12:21 26 Sep 2011

I like Pegasus as a client but if you want a new e-mail provider then why dont you register a domaine and use that.

  Woolwell 12:30 26 Sep 2011

I have a domain and gmail. But you have to be very careful where you post your e-mail address, where it is published and how your contacts use it. I do not use my domain name on most sites or for purchases and therefore receive very little spam indeed through it. Gmail, as already mentioned, has a good spam filter.

  LanceAlot 14:42 26 Sep 2011

Yeah, and Yahoo promised a much faster email service but the new version is twice as slow.

  anskyber 15:31 26 Sep 2011

Gmail works well for me. Simple to pick up away from home since it is a web based system.

  amonra 17:01 26 Sep 2011

I agree, gmail is very good at filtering out the spam. I have 3 different email accounts with differnt ISPs and google is by far the best and easiest to use. The only thing that puzzles me is the fact that a large percentage of the spam is in Spanish! How on earth did my address get into the Spanish speaking world. I deal a lot with French and American sites but never with Spain. Still, as long as google works it's magic I've got no problem.

  Forum Editor 17:49 26 Sep 2011

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  morddwyd 20:36 26 Sep 2011

Been with Yahoo for more than ten years, never paid a penny.

Spam goes straight to my spam folder, the odd one gets through, maybe one or two a month.

I also have a gmail account. It seems no better or worse than Yahoo.

  Bald Eagle 21:53 26 Sep 2011

Use GMail, excellent with no spam at all. There I've said it, now it'll start!!

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