byfordr 12:25 15 Jun 2004

Nice work fellas! My email capacity was creaking a bit a 6mb, logged back in a minute ago and have barely touched the 100mb capacity :-)


click here

  mikef. 12:50 15 Jun 2004

For BT Yahoo subscribers it's been put up to 2GB

  mbp 11:40 16 Jun 2004

Is this what competition does? Has MSN Hotmail still with Rip Van Winkle? What do you bet that some changes will come? Next thing is,how can they make a profit out of it? Watch this space!

  wags 12:29 16 Jun 2004

mbp said: 'how can they make a profit out of it ?'

In a word...'advertising'

  byfordr 13:44 16 Jun 2004

To be fair been using Yahoo for years and thus far the advertising has not been to intrusive (even clicked on a few interesting links :-0) unlike some of the irritating adverts I can think of BT, IOMEGA spring to mind.


  Hyperangelic 14:52 16 Jun 2004

Just like Byfordr - was always hitting 90% on my 6MB limit but now am free to fill it up with all sorts of rubbish! What fun.

But, seriously, have had a yahoo account for years, and never had any trouble. Hotmail shuts you down if you don't access for a month - Yahoo never does. I've hardly ever had trouble accessing it - unlike Hotmail, and I don't find the ads are too bad either. :-)

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