XP versus Vista

  Sally C 10:54 23 Apr 2007

I'm going abroad for a while & want to buy a laptop & printer to take with me (I've never owned a pc - but am a fully competent user at work)
I'm wondering whether to buy a reconditioned – something like a Dell Latitude D600 with XP loaded - or a new one like the Compaq F502eu which has Vista loaded.
I’m not going to use it for business – just keeping in contact, web, email etc.
Any advice gratefully received.

  The Kestrel 12:36 23 Apr 2007

The main problems with Vista seem to have been compatability issues with existing software and occasionally hardware. If you are buying a new computer with software pre-installed, there should not be any problems. If you are going to add any additional software it would be wise to check that itis Vista capable before purchase.

  Kate B 13:13 23 Apr 2007

Vista's really nice - I find working with any pre-Vista OS annoying now. Go for it, though The Kestrel's words about software are worth bearing in mind, especially if you have anything really old you want to install.

  Sally C 13:19 23 Apr 2007

But would you go for new or reconditioned? Just wondering whether I would get a higher spec model on a reconditioned for the same money. On the other hand the ones I've looked at so far don't seem to have a DVD writer.
As to 'old' software - I would want to load Autocad LT 2000 - Kestrel/Kate do you think there would be a compatability problem with Vista?
Many thanks

  €dstowe 13:28 23 Apr 2007

Buy new. I always think that there must have been a good reason for a previous owner of a machine to replace it and, even if it was only to get a more recent model rather than there being anything wrong with it, remember that there are delicate mechanical parts in computers which can wear as well as you not knowing how many times it's been thrown at the wall or used as a football.

  grumpygramp 13:37 23 Apr 2007

Several people i have spoken to are calling Vista ME2 After the somewhat poorly received Millenium edition .I think you need to wait a minimum of six months for a few Bugs and issues to be ironed out before buying Vista .XP "better the devil you Know"

  Sic 13:58 23 Apr 2007

I think people could offer better adice if they knew a few more details, how long are you going abroad for? Staying in one place or travelling around?

Is the laptop going to be hooked up to a broadband connection etc?

Would i be deemed silly if i suggested that for occasional emailing etc abroad maybe just using internet cafes would be best?

  The Kestrel 14:06 23 Apr 2007

If Autocad LT 2000 refers to the year of issue, chances are that there have been updated versions of this program released since. Being 7 years old would certainly increase the chances that it would be incompatible with Vista.

  Sally C 14:11 23 Apr 2007

The laptop will be our only personal computer - I've had the luxury of a networked pc at work for the past 9 years - in the UK & Crete. We will mostly be staying in one place in either country. We will be using it for emails, web access, photography, autocad, finances, word processing and possibly as a teaching tool.
We won't have broadband initially in the UK - just use local hotspots. There's no broadband in Crete - just ASDL (? hope that's the right initials) which we'll get installed in a couple of months. We're intending to use local internet facilities in the meantime.

  Totally-braindead 15:12 23 Apr 2007

Personally I would buy new.

I don't know if this is an option but I would try to see if you can get one with an International Warranty in case it breaks - I have to say I have no idea if any company does this, if not then perhaps ensure its covered in your normal insurance for accidental damage.

  keef66 14:36 24 Apr 2007

I would buy new. We have Latitude D600's at work, and the specs don't compare at all well with what you can get new these days. (and about 70% of the hard drives have failed)

And go for Vista if you're not needing it to run older applications / peripherals

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