XP Troubleshooting book

  curlylad 11:54 24 May 2004

As we all know the forums are an absolute gold mine of information for us all , immaterial of expertise level and it is so easy to 'bump' or 'bookmark' a particular thread if you wish to keep the 'how solved' information for future reference.However I would like to know if there is an XP problem solving book or troubleshooting book on the market that gives problem scenarios and how to fix them , I have seen a few such publications but I was looking for endorsements from you guys as a valued guide to the best of them. I am not too bothered about the cost as such , but more so on the content , so can you give me some recommendations please ?

  ventanas 12:27 24 May 2004

This has got me out of every problem so far click here

  HondaMan 12:34 24 May 2004

Same here. I wouldn't be without it. I would also suggest the Administrator's Pocket Consultant,
Microsoft Press by William R Stanek,

  curlylad 12:41 24 May 2004

Can I buy these books from PC World or Waterstones for instance or do I have to order via Internet ?

  Stuartli 13:17 24 May 2004

An excellent publication is How To Do Everything With Windows XP (now in its Second Edition form) by Curt Simmons and published by Osborne at £16.99.

Even better - and cheaper - is to go to your main library and look through the computing section.

All the local libraries where I live (we come under Sefton Metropolitan Council) has a vast choice of computer related publications; they coverr every aspect of computing including operating systems, desktop publishing, Microsoft applications etc.

A further bonus is that up to 12 books can be had out at any one time and each renewal period is for a month.

As a side issue, you can also hire DVDs, videos and audio CDs for very modest charges.

I've even got the latest Haynes manual for my VW Bora on loan - it would cost nearly £20 to buy it.

Tag on free bus, train and ferry travel for men and women of 60 and over over a vast area and you'll realise that my council tax begins to look somewhat better value than for the ordinary ratepayer...:-)

  Stuartli 13:19 24 May 2004

Don't forget the websites such as kellys-corner and XPHelp and, of course, the ubiquitous Google....

  HondaMan 15:35 24 May 2004


You should be able to get both from a good bookstore or perhaps even PC World.

  hugh-265156 15:55 24 May 2004

the trouble is with computer books is they go out of date quickly so the problem you may have might have not be documented in them.

google for info would be my suggestion as Stuartli suggests.

if you want an xp book i would recommend 'peter nortons complete guide to microsoft windows xp'check your local library maybe.

click here and type any errors you see on screen or keywords into the searchKb box for lots of info.

click here= for example of results found for "troubleshooting xp"

startup problems click here shutdown problems click here

  Dae 16:51 24 May 2004

If you are not a computer expert, but the sort of person who can follow instructions well enough if they are given in sufficient detail (with lots of screen-shots showing you what to expect), then Easy Windows XP Troubleshooting by R. A. Penfold is worth a look at under eight pounds, on the shelves at W. H. Smith and PC World.

  curlylad 17:15 24 May 2004

Dae - I'll have a look at that one next time I'm in town.

Stuartli - Never thought of the library , good idea.

HondaMan - Popping along to PC World tomorrow afternoon so I'll see what they have in.

huggyg71 - Thanks for the suggestions , already use those links though , to be honest I was looking specifically for a comprehensive book for reading material when I've got 1/2 hour free at home or a slack period at work perhaps you know , that sort of thing.

  spuds 19:18 24 May 2004

A visit to your local PC World bookshelf will give some very interesting results.Also I would recommend a visit to your local library [as suggested above], if you require a particular book, then the library will look it up on their database, and if they have a copy, then will arrange for you to have the copy.

I have just purchased a nice informative book called Straight to the Point Windows XP Professional and Home Edition for £4.99. Covers a host of subjects, but not main troubleshooting. published by click here click here

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