XP SP3 missing some High Priority updates.

  Batch 12:05 11 Jun 2008

Seems SP3 is missing some of the high priority updates released previously and Microsoft are retroactively discovering and (slowly) rectifying the situation.

For example, KB923689 (MSO6-078) click here, if you click on the FAQ section, it is pretty clear from the explanation.

Discovered this by installing XP SP2 on a new machine and then going direct to SP3 (which is what Windows Update wanted to do anyhow). Now find that retrospective updates are coming through.

Not impressed, but c'es la vie.

  Stuartli 19:10 11 Jun 2008

Don't understand your argument. SP2 was released several years ago, but "high priority updates" have been issued pretty regularly ever since.

SP3 is, basically, a compilation of all those updates etc since SP2 was released.

One way of gathering all the updates which followed was using AutoPatcher, which was itself updated every month with the latest releases from Microsoft.

  Batch 09:35 12 Jun 2008


My point is precisely that MS have NOT done as you say in your 3rd para (and as MS had claimed and I and everyone else had expected).

Subsequent to the release of SP3, I installed XP SP2 (i.e. a clean install of XP SP2 from a CD) on a new machine and then immediately installed SP3 (via Windows Update - with install of SP3 [as opposed to other patches] as the only option and it was what I was expecting anyhow). Then, much to my surprise, after last Patch Tuesday (10th June), the patch issued under KB923689 was installed.

So, it now seems that MS have realised that at least one old high priority update issued subsequent to SP2, but before SP3 had not been included in SP3 (I have to ask myself "how many more are going to creep out of the woodwork over the coming months?").

The FAQ in the MS Security Bulletin makes it pretty clear:

"Why did Microsoft reissue this bulletin on June 10, 2008? ........This is a detection change only to offer and install the package on Windows XP Service Pack 3 systems.......Customers with Windows XP who have already installed the security update will not need to reinstall the update after applying Windows XP Service Pack 3."

That last sentence also explains why this particular patch did not download (after this Patch Tuesday) on my other SP3 updated systems (which had XP SP2 installed a long time ago and are kept up to date each month), as they would already have had it (before SP3).

I hope that explains a bit more clearly (if not succinctly).

  Stuartli 10:58 12 Jun 2008

You have presented your case very well - however, the update to which you refer is not mentioned in the Security Bulletin for this month (click here).

This is the first month since I've installed SP3 (three times in all) that I've had any updates as they were already included in SP3 (messages stated that I had newer Service Pack); I cannot find it listed on my system as having been recently installed.

Perhaps yours is an isolated case, although I would agree MS should have included the particular update in SP3 - perhaps it was due to the sheer number involved and it was overlooked...:-)

  Batch 11:43 12 Jun 2008

I suspect it isn't in the security bulletin for this month as it wasn't "released" this month - having originally been released in December 2006 and the patch itself hasn't been changed (as MS say: "This is a detection change only to offer and install the package on Windows XP Service Pack 3 systems").

BTW, having looked on my other systems, I see that this update was installed in December 2006.

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