floydking 18:49 24 Apr 2004

It sounds as though it may be a lot of trouble to me. What a surprise! It seems as though we may be damned if we do, or perhaps damned if we don't. Cheers Bill - another conundrum!

  Forum Editor 19:08 24 Apr 2004

Why do you think it may be a lot of trouble?

There are bound to be some people who have a problem or two, it happens each time there's a service pack and it's inevitable - you can't possibly beta test for every conceivable combination of hardware and software. This service pack has been through a very comprehensive beta cycle - I know, I've been one of the testers since the beginning - and as far as is possible in the circumstances it's been stabilised.

I personally think this is a 'must have' Service pack, it's virtually a WindowsXP upgrade with another name, and I urge everyone to install it as soon as possible after it's released.

  Hunte® 19:20 24 Apr 2004

You need to remember that this SP is still in beta. There are still some bugs, some not very common and some that I consider to be show stoppers. All in all though it has proved to be very stable with nothing that would make me avoid it.

  ayrmail 19:29 24 Apr 2004

click here
Seems like there are some useful looking features FE, but i also agree with floydking, no dobut there will be problems but where would this forum be with out them.

  spuds 20:32 24 Apr 2004

Perhaps of some interest click here

  floydking 20:55 24 Apr 2004

It's just from personal past experiences PE. I don't think I'm as up to speed as you are about this, but I still can't help agreeing with ayrmail. Though obviously I hope we will be proven totally wrong. However, I will be waiting for others to try the final product before me, so that I may see what is said then. Perhaps I should change my psudonym to 'ole cynic'!?

  floydking 22:06 24 Apr 2004

Having read and thoroughly digested the article at 'Ars Technica'which both 'ayrmail' and 'spuds' have kindly recommended, I feel even more confused. It does seem to be very good, perhaps too good. I suppose that I shall just have to jump in and take the plundge .......
s-p-l-a-s-h. Or is it 'wake up and smell the coffee?'
indecicive 'ole cynic'.

  ade.h 23:38 24 Apr 2004

As the FE rightly says, this will be a major update and a must-have. Anyone who isn't 100% sure should wait a week or two after release for any serious bugs to be identified and patched, which if there are any, will probably be sorted quickly. That happened with a couple of XP critical updates and it wasn't long before there was a patch for the patch, so to speak.

  floydking 01:57 25 Apr 2004

I'm going to hide!

  bab5 06:47 25 Apr 2004


I've been running XP SP2 on both mine and the misses pc since MS posted it, and to be fair to MS its worked fine apart from failing to recognize mt av-software (pc-cillian for me, avg for the misses).

One quick setting change later amd it no longer nags about not having av-software fitted.

The add blocker works as well as most if not better than any of the free third party ones.

The ActiveX block also seems to work fine,but it does allow you to over-ride it when needed,say when you need to install Java etc.

All in all i'd say well done MS


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:16 25 Apr 2004

Most of the 'useful features' are already on computers or can be downloaded free of charge. There is nothing in SP2 that is going to change anyone's life, so I would suggest that if anyone is planning to download it they wait for a few months after the official release, just in case. You will not be shunned or pointed at in the street if you do not have it.


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