Xp Pro with sp2 £45 Genuine?

  Pamy 11:51 31 Dec 2005

hello everyone, I have just come back from a computer fair where a stall holder had a number of the above disks for sale. They were sealed in a plastic bag and had a silver coloured sticker to put on a computer case. They had printed on the disk Hewlet Packard. The stall holder said they were all new, genuine and legal and could be installed in any make of computer. What does anyone else here think?


  961 11:58 31 Dec 2005

These are probably oem discs for Hewlett Packard computers where the software for each new computer is installed on manufacture from a master disc

Each individual unit then has an oem disc of its own which is supposed to accompany the computer to the buyer. Needless to say this does not always happen and the discs are then sold off by themselves at computer fairs etc

Sometimes the actual discs are "locked" to the manufacturer and will only work on that make and model of machine. Sometimes they are not and will work on anything

This method of selling software contravenes the terms of the Microsoft licence

Those are the facts, the rest is up to you

  bremner 12:07 31 Dec 2005

The cheapest Ebuyer sell XP Pro for is the OEM @ £96.71 - make your own mind up about the computer fair!!

  Forum Editor 12:07 31 Dec 2005

if the disks are of Hewlett Packard origin the stallholder is contravening the OEM licence rules, although it is now perfectly legal to sell on OEM copies of Windows - if you've purchased them from an OEM dealer, and haven't broken the pack seal.

  Forum Editor 12:10 31 Dec 2005

"make your own mind up about the computer fair" but you might not feel too happy if you buy and install this software, only to find that you can't validate it, or receive Microsoft updates.

  bremner 12:12 31 Dec 2005

I thought the exclamation marks were clear what I thought.

I personally wouldn't touch them with a barge pole but as 961 put it - "Those are the facts, the rest is up to you"

  Pamy 12:17 31 Dec 2005

Hey guys , please do not fall out over my thread. It was just an obsevation on my part and wondered how genuine the sale was.


  bremner 12:22 31 Dec 2005

There is no need to worry, there is no falling out.

I may have been too cryptic in using the exclamation marks to express my opinion of the inherent problems of buying from such a source.

  Pamy 13:40 31 Dec 2005

Ok, I guess from the four of you that commented you think purchase of these disks is dodgy to say the leased. I can tell you that he was doing a brisk trade.

Thanks for your views, and happy new year to everyone,


  ade.h 14:40 31 Dec 2005

I can imagine that he was! There are too many people who are all too ready to disregard IP rights, copyright laws and moral issues for the sake of saving a few pounds. If the boot was on the other foot, I suspect they might feel differently.

I always play safe and stick to legitimate use of software and other IP. Good on you for avoiding the temptation, Pamy.

  spuds 17:35 31 Dec 2005

I generally find that at computer fairs, the regular dealers will give a safeguard with the item's that they sell. The twice monthly computer fair in my location, is very strictly run by the organisers, and anything dodgy is soon dealt with.Personally though, things like Microsoft products, I would buy from places like Ebuyer,Novatech.

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