XP - Is this legal?

  CurlyWhirly 22:58 06 Oct 2004

My sister has had no option but to upgrade her PC as it was only running Windows 95 with a very slow processor (166 mhz) and very small hard drive (10 Gb).
She has bought just the custom made tower unit (as she already has mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc) for around £200 comprising XP Home Edition, 40 Gb hard drive, 1 Ghz processor and 256 Mb RAM.

My sister told me that the shop told her that it was illegal to SELL her a copy of XP so they just installed XP on the system to test it and then just 'forgot' to take it off!
Is this legal as she was told that in the event of the BSOD (system crash) that she SHOULDN'T send the error report to Microsoft!?

Finally she only wants her PC for broadband (and not for games) but she has onboard graphics so if I am right around 32 mb of RAM will be used by the onboard graphics leaving 224 Mb free for XP will this be enough?

  VoG II 23:19 06 Oct 2004

Yes it should work.

The rest I am perplexed by.

  CurlyWhirly 23:21 06 Oct 2004


  spuds 23:26 06 Oct 2004

It's illegal to sell a duplicated copy of an original XP, but it not illegal to sell a genuine copy of XP with licence.What appears to have happened in your sisters case,is the computer supplier as installed a copy of XP from a copy that they hold, and they should have supplied a licence for her to use it.The remaining 224mb of ram should be okay to run XP, but more ram would be ideal.

  CurlyWhirly 23:32 06 Oct 2004

Thanks for the explanation as my sister is worried that when she picks the PC up on Friday that she would be using an illegal copy of XP!
So that explains why they told her not to send the error report to Microsoft in the event of a crash!
I always thought that when you send an error report to Microsoft that it contains NO confidential information?

You say that more RAM would be ideal so does this mean that XP would run slow?

  Forum Editor 23:50 06 Oct 2004

to Microsoft when you click to send an error report, but it does sound to me as if this shop hasn't been entirely truthful about the situation. They have certainly mislead her by saying that it's illegal to aell her a copy of Win XP - that's complete rubbish.

If your sister's computer has Win XP preinstalled she should receive a certificate of authenticity at the very least. This often/usually takes the form of a Microsoft sticker that is affixed to the outside of the case. If she isn't getting the sticker, and she hasn't got a WinXP CD she is certainly buying a machine with an illegal copy of Windows XP and she should demand an explanation before she pays any money.

If the CD and/or the certificate of authenticity isn't forthcoming your sister should look elsewhere for her new computer.

The installed RAM is barely enough - 512Mb would be much more appropriate, even if the machine isn't going to be used for games. RAM isn't that expensive, and a year or so down the line your sister will be glad she paid a little extra. New software is becoming more demanding.

  ComputerJunky 23:51 06 Oct 2004

it wont run slow but it would be advantageous to have more memory me personally wouldnt go with less memory then 512mb to run XP but obviously it will run fine with less.

My laptop only came with 256mb and i intend to upgrade that as soon as i can it tends to get a little bit bogged down when i open up a few applications.

  TomJerry 23:51 06 Oct 2004

pay for a illegal software??? Are you kidding? If she paid money to a shop, she should insist to get a licence.

  CurlyWhirly 23:54 06 Oct 2004

I am not sure if the PC is supplied with a Win XP CD so I will post when she actually picks it up.
I will leave this thread open until then!

  CurlyWhirly 23:55 06 Oct 2004

p.s. Thanks for your replies everyone!

  knikkisixx 01:12 07 Oct 2004

My PC has 256mb, 40gb hd, i play games, watch dvds, use internet loads, blah blah, no problems. What benefit would i get from upgrading to 512mb?

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