XP - am I paranoid?

  Bargee 14:28 25 Apr 2003

With the so-called security (snooping) features of XP reportedly causing problems when upgrading hardware & sometimes, software is my hatred for this OS justified? I've heard nightmare tales of requiring Microsoft's OK before users have been able to continue using their machine after putting in something simple, like an extra RAM chip for goodness sake! What business is it of Microsoft what hardware/software we want to use? And why SHOULD I buy a copy of XP for every PRIVATE PC that I own? Am I ranting? You bet! Am I paranoid? You tell me - PLEEEEAAAAASE.

  -pops- 14:39 25 Apr 2003

I think you are being overconcerned. I activated my current XP and that has been the end of my contacting M$ in this regard. I've added two sticks of memory, swapped those for different ones, added numerous PCI cards, removed a similar number, added two hard drives, a new CDRW drive, a DVD drive - all sorts of things. No requests for me to contact them at all.


  Aspman 14:42 25 Apr 2003

Its not that bad! Yes the licencing is a bit draconian but MS software is very heavily prirated.

The security only kicks in if you change a great deal of the machine at one time. Changing the odd card or two occasionally over the life of the machine wouldn't cause any probs.

If you really hate MS that much its probably time to turn to Linux.

And remember just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you!

  Murray 14:46 25 Apr 2003

have a look at the thread on linux - in this forum i think.

Anyway - XP only asks you to re-activate windows on XP Home edition, not professional edition. this is only a rumour - someone may correct me.

  Murray 14:46 25 Apr 2003
  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:59 25 Apr 2003

'I've heard nightmare tales'...what you have heard is a load of over emotional, conspiracy theory dimwits making a mountain out of a molehill. If you do need to re-activate, it takes a one minute phone call to a pleasant lady. That is all.

'And why SHOULD I buy a copy of XP for every PRIVATE PC that I own?'....all windows OS are licensed for one computer ONLY since 3.1. The only reason people are whining is that MS have now got a system that prevents loading one disk onto squillions of computers. The contract, which you agree to when purchasing an OS, clearly states this and has always done so.

'If you really hate MS that much its probably time to turn to Linux'....MS operating systems are a doddle to use and easy-peasy to set up/ configure. You may find that you spend rather more time scratching your head and looking heavenwards for inspiration with Linux.

MS cannot 'snoop' at your files as, a). they are probably totally dull and tedious to outsiders as are mine and b) why? The theory is that they can only monitor if illegal software is being used. If you have a legit computer you will have no worries, won't you? ;-))))

As has been stated before you are not compelled to use MS, there are Linux, Apple etc......If you feel so strongly then perhaps a sideways shift is in order.


  Patr100 16:24 25 Apr 2003

While I certainly think that MS are not beyond critcism I have seen very few problems, if any, with Activation of XP etc on this forum. Certainly not for adding RAM.

  Patr100 16:26 25 Apr 2003

critcism = criticism

  Bargee 17:19 25 Apr 2003

No, I don't hate Microsoft, I just get the feeling that with XP they're going over the top and hitting the wrong target - the home user. Contrast their attitude to home users with more than 1 PC to that of Symantec. In the manual for Internet Security 2003, they provide you with permission to install the software on any number of PCs that you own & if you contact support, they will tell you how to download & save to disc the AV updates for installation onto your PCs without internet connection. I don't care how long Microsoft have had the single PC rule in their licence agreement, it's now out of date. Back when 3.1 was around, most users were businesses & this sort of clause was appropriate. This is no longer the case & Microsoft shouldn't hit the home user in this way. Greed or what? I suppose those who disagree don't mind paying more than once if they have more than 1 PC. Would they also be prepared to buy a TV licence for each set they own? Probably not, but then sensibly, the law in this country allows for that. Sense, that's what it should all be about & Microsoft (sometimes) don't make sense in this case.

  « Ravin » 17:28 25 Apr 2003

you certainly can change your ram or wot not without having to call up microsoft!

10 major hardware components are catelogued and its only after you change more than 6 that you have to reactivate..

  « Ravin » 17:29 25 Apr 2003

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