Xmas present from Argos

  Bald Eagle 21:55 08 Jan 2004

Here is a copy of a letter I have sent today to Argos about a present I bought my daughter.

I bought my daughter a Philips Magic3 PFF 531 fax machine from your Selby store for Christmas. She has just set it up and discovered that the printing film is a special shortened version suitable only for printing a few pages of information from the machine itself. She is now faced with buying the proper ribbon at £25.99 + postage. We think that you are selling a machine that is not fit for purpose ie a fax machine that will not print messages. There is no mention in your catalogue that a full length ribbon has to be bought separately. Can you please reply as soon as possible what you will do to rectify this state of affairs?
Ray Wild

Should I just take it back, in fact can I legally take it back and claim a refund? I wrote this letter hoping that they will supply a ribbon free!

  plsndrs3 22:29 08 Jan 2004

I know that many printers that come supplied with cartridges have 'special cartridges' that are about half full. I believe that this is so that the machine is up and running before you have to fork out on new ones.

However, when I purchased my Magic2 - also from Argos - about 12 months ago, the inkfilm lasted me about a week. I work from home and receive many faxes, but replacements tend to last about 3 weeks. I no longer buy the original replacements and use Viking Direct:

click here

Next day delivery [free for orders over £30], good service and excellent, no quibble returns policy. Cost is just £10.99+VAT for a box of 2 rolls

Hope that this helps.



  spuds 22:43 08 Jan 2004

Similar situation with imaging film on Sharps fax machines. The one supplied with the machine will do about 50 print-outs, but the 'full' roll will quite a lot more, at about £9.00/£17.00 a roll.Difference in price was via a Google search.

Argos have a money back guarantee, if you are not happy with any item.Might pay you to think about a returns if you are not happy, but you may find other makes have similar low capacity problems.

  Sir Radfordin 00:49 09 Jan 2004

Annoying as it may be, I can't see that it makes the fax machine "not fit for purpose" afterall the fax film is a consumable item. The roll that is included will allow you to print at least one page so you know the machine is working.

It's always annyoing to find out that something needs an aditional part or supply (christmas and batteries!) but such is life.

I think a good will 'free' ribon is about all you will get here.

  Bald Eagle 09:05 09 Jan 2004

The thing is, on the same page of the catalogue other faxes are described as needing print cartridges etc but not this one. However, going to Viking Direct and saving quite a bit of money. Cheers plsndrs3.

  David-235429 10:45 10 Jan 2004

Spuds is right.

If you're not happy with the item and return it unused in its original packaging, within 16 days, Argos will refund / exchange the item for one of similar value.

  sohaib 20:46 10 Jan 2004

yeah, i experienced a similar problem when i recently bought a printer and a fax machine,

However the the box of the fax machine, it was clearly stated that the include print roll would print approx 28 pages, and therefore replacement is suggested...........etc

also for the printer i found that i showed that cartidge supplied was of lower yield, and a higher yield cartridge was avaible...

So i guess if u haven't used it u can return it, and maybe if u r lucky get a free replacement ink, but be carefull, not too wait too long as they don't accept exchanges after 16 days unless faulty!

So good luck!

  Al94 21:59 10 Jan 2004

The bottom line is this is a commom "con" by most printer manufacturers. I recently had a discussion in PC World re this, the H P printer boxes clearly state that cartridges are enclosed, giving the relevant cartridge numbers. Staff will advise you (if you're lucky)when you purchase that these are "tester cartridges" and will only print a few pages. Therefore on top of price of printer, say £50 for two cartridges. It doesn't say this on the box therefore I think the manufacturers are flaunting the trade description act. What think others?

  Sir Radfordin 23:02 10 Jan 2004

Whilst I appreciate it is annoying to find this to the be situation, I struggle to see that it really falls foul of the trade descriptions act.

You buy a printer that prints.

Cartridges are included.

At most it is just not telling the whole story. They don't actually lie to you. Few people would be happy to see the price of printers rise by £50 to cover the cost of full ink cartridges. And even if we were, it would only happen if all did it - the same as with Magazine cover dates.

  Bald Eagle 09:44 11 Jan 2004

Got a reply from Argos saying take it back to shop to discuss with them. Can't be bothered, so buying from plsndrs3 suggestion.
Thanks for all the input but I still think it is questionable practice. I have 2 Brother T74 fax machines which were more expensive but came with full size printing ribbons.
plsndrs3 realised you quoted prices for your machine! No problem.

  Al94 10:09 11 Jan 2004

The packaging clearly states that for example type 15 black and type 78 color cartridges are included. These are not the same as the same type cartridges you would buy off the shelf therefore it is deliberately misleading which is why PC World staff have been instructed to point this out at the point of sale. My point is that the packaging should acurately describe the contents. We all know the serious profiteering that goes on over printer cartridges. Fortunately my last black cartridge has only just had to be replaced after over a year of refilling and the colour one is still going strong.

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