Xerox Phaser 8560 Printer

  AlanHo 16:28 05 Jan 2008

Does anyone have regular use of this model - if so - what is your opinion in terms of reliability and print quality.

  €dstowe 17:10 05 Jan 2008

Don't know whether they still are but, at one time, Xerox printers were modified/rebadged Lexmarks, with all their problems in running costs and more - the ink cartridges in the inkjet models were altered slightly so that standard Lexmark cartridges wouldn't fit.

  AlanHo 17:46 05 Jan 2008

As I understand it - the 8560 is one of a new family of printers which use solid "sticks" of ink rather than toner or injet liquids. The ink is melted and applied to the paper - I know not how. The claimed advantages are a 5 second delay to first print, rich colours and crisp text, mono and colour print speed of 30 ppm, low running costs, environment friendly etc. I am not aware that any other manufacturer has been able to adopt this principle - perhaps Xerox have it patented to the hilt.

Magazine reviews found via Google have been excellent - but you cannot beat the honest opinion of a regular user.

  €dstowe 19:20 05 Jan 2008

I can't help further, Alan. I was dissuaded from any more Xerox printers when, a long time ago, I had one which cost a fortune to run and then I found out it was a modified Lexmark.

  PalaeoBill 21:22 05 Jan 2008

We have a Phaser 8200 in the office if feedback on that is of any help to you.
Xerox claim 16ppm and a 9 second first page print for the 8200. It doesn't get near this. We use it to print brochures, so large half page and full page colour photographs and typically black text, which it prints at around around 4ppm. I have never seen a first page print in under 30 seconds and it does appear to huff, puff & gird its loins audibly during this time (quite what it is doing I have no idea).

It is used & abused continually and has worked reliably for as long as I can remember. I can't remember when it was bought but it must be at least 2 years ago. I particularly like the way a new block can be put in before the old one has run out so you never out of wax.

The print quality is good; easily good enough for brochures but not quite what I would call professional photo quality. Our colour Laser (Konica-Minolta Magicolor 5430) has noticeably better quality output.

Being wax, the printed page looks (dull waxy sheen) and feels like wax and it can be scratched like wax. There is also the problem of 2 sided printing, where the side already printed can get marked when passed back through the printer. I like the wax texture but some might not.

Runing costs: it is cheaper to run than a colour laser and considerably cheaper than an inkjet.

We tend to print the black text on a laser and then feed the laser printed pages through the Phaser to print the colour photographs. (It has to be done this way round or the wax will melt onto the Lasers roller which you definitely don't want to do).

  AlanHo 08:40 06 Jan 2008


Thanks for the feedback. I am still intrigued by the technology - which I understand was invented by Tektronix who were bought out by Xerox in the 1990's. Your machine was an earler incantation - reports on the web suggest that the current models are far better. It is also claimed that the current solid ink is less prone to being scratched - it binds to the paper fibres more closely.

According to a magazine review - the current machine has 4 modes - draft at 30 ppm, standard at about 20 ppm, enhanced at about 12 ppm and photo at about 5 ppm. Perhaps your is set for photo - hence the slow speed.

Your report is interesting in the sense you state that the Konica laser has better quality output - but you still use the Xerox for photographs.

THanks for giving me so much food for thought - and more research.

  PalaeoBill 21:45 06 Jan 2008


The Xerox handles the heavy brochure paper much better than the Konica does and it is much cheaper to run when printing full page photographs in volume.
(Just to clarify, the black text on the brochure pages is printed on an old HP Laserjet 5 not the Konica).

I will investigate the print modes issue, though if ours is set to photo I dread to think what the quality will be in stardard :-)

  Tin-Man 18:14 29 Jan 2009

I have been using this printer for a while. Great printouts but... regularly it will print blurry copies for a few pages, then perfect pages. It is a mix feeling since the print quality is so good but you will waste some paper if it happens to you as what happens to me. Though the printed part is water resistant (since it is solid ink, I think it is wax) you cannot hot laminate your printout. It will smear and change color like water color. :-)

  Derekc100 16:04 02 Mar 2009

So Tin-Man - overall are you satisfied with the quality of this printer?

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