XBOX extended guarantee

  iqs 13:25 18 Jan 2011

I have just purchased an XBOX from game.

I was asked if I wanted to take out the extended guarantee for £40.I of course asked the normal questions regarding what the cover does cover...But decided to wait until I posted this thread.I have 28 days in which to except or decline the guarantee

My question is,has anyone here bought an XBOX from Game and taken out the extended guarantee,any good or bad experiences/comments please.


  Armchair 17:05 18 Jan 2011

No, I bought mine from Woolworths, a few months before they closed their stores. It did conk out, due to the red ring of death, but Microsoft repaired it for free. I assume you have the new model, which is supposed to be a lot more reliable than the model I have (20GB HDMI model).

If I was you (which I'm not!), I wouldn't part with the cash for that.

  iqs 20:41 18 Jan 2011

thanks you for the advice Armchair,and yes it is the new slim model,thanks

  Armchair 20:11 19 Jan 2011

No-one else prepared to offer an opinion on this?

  rdave13 00:07 20 Jan 2011

Bought the 4 GB, kinnect, or whatever it's called, compatible one. You can connect your own harddrive as an extra storage on the system. As it was only £149 don't think it's worth an extended guarantee.
Didn't buy from Game, though.
To be honest don't know much about the machine.
My son has gone back to his old PS2 as he 'knows all the cheats'!
Santa dropped a big clanger there methinks....

  Menzie 10:28 20 Jan 2011

Mine was bought from Woolworths but I have a friend who purchased his from Game with an extended warranty.

When his broke he took it into the store and it was changed right away. He did have to argue to keep his HDD though as they wanted to replace the whole thing.

  iqs 14:50 22 Jan 2011

Hi,and thanks for the advice.
I paid for the guarantee yesterday,better to have it and not require it,then need it and don' my opinion.

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