Xbox 360 warranty! for me a con.

  bapiow 10:34 25 Jul 2007

If you buy a new Xbox 360 and find inside an offer to extend your warranty by cheque DON'T.

Microsoft cashed my cheque for a extended warranty on the 7th of March 2007 for my Xbox .I have phoned customer support 7 times now and no one seems to be able to help. I have sent a recorded letter to Head office 3 weeks ago, no reply.
I have proof from my Bank that it was Microsoft that cashed the cheque.
Customer support told me I have just one year warranty on my Xbox, and they can't or will not help me until they get conformation from Microsoft or proof that Microsoft has the money.
Have now sent proof to Customer support ( copy of cheque from my bank that is was Microsoft that cashed the cheque) but they still refuse to acknowledge this.
I was conned by Microsoft, I have now written off the money £59.49, and now have the Xbox up for sale.

  spuds 11:11 25 Jul 2007

I could be wrong, but reading various media reports, it seems as though Microsoft have extended the warranty on the Xbox 360 from 1 year to 3 years for free. This is all to do with 'inherent faults' and general 'hardware failures', and the extension covers free repair and shipping.

British owners could demand a repair, replacement or pro rata refund under the Sales of Goods Act regardless of the warranty.

Peter Moore, corporate vice-manager of the Interactive Entertainment Business, apologised for the fiasco.Apparently £750 million ($1.5bn) as been pledged to resolve problems.

  bapiow 11:33 25 Jul 2007

Yes I have read the same reports, just a warning to buyers.
But it doesn't help me in any way, still will not be able to get my money back.
Like I said I have been a victim of some sort of fraud, and can't do a thing about it.
Now 3 letters to head office over the past 8 weeks, recorded all but no reply hence the con!!

  TopCat® 14:15 25 Jul 2007

No way would I write off £60! I would persevere and continue to pester Microsoft until I got satisfaction one way or the other. TC.

  Kate B 12:37 26 Jul 2007

You haven't been a victim of fraud. At worst you've been caught up in a system that's not especially speedy at replying. I don't think chucking that kind defamatory allegation about is going to help, either. - it's not going to encourage Microsoft to help you, is it? I'd keep trying with customer support, it is your best (indeed, probably only) option, and I'd advise at all times being polite. I know it's tempting to rant and yell, but if you are tempted, don't, it gets you nowhere.

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