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  iqs 20:48 29 Apr 2006

Hello all.Recently I read an article which stated,if you use you 360 with a standard TV and not a HD ready TV ,the picture/graphics will resemble the quality generated by the previous XBOX.I was going to purchase one today,but after reading this article.......My current Tv is a Sony 24inch widescreen,which is only 2 years old.I can't justify buying a HD TV just yet.So it this statement correct.Your feedback is appreciated.Many thanks,Mike

  wolfie3000 00:55 30 Apr 2006

The only way to judge how an xbox360 will look on a non HD tv is to go to curries or dixons and ask them to set one up on a normal telly so you can judge for yourself,

I did something similar a while backwhen i bought a game i wanted it demostrated and the sales staff where only to glad to show me it running,

But one thing about the xbox 360 is that there will be games released only on this console so if you dont get one you might miss out on certain games,

But in the end its personal choice.

  Radix Lecti 10:33 30 Apr 2006

Hi iqs, I have a 360 running on a standard 28" rubbish BUSH TV (with a hope to buy a HDTV when the pennies are flowing a little better), but the graphic difference is deffinately noticeable.

If you're going to get one when you have a HDTV, I'd still recommend one before that... you'll love it!

  ted11 15:19 01 May 2006

I confess we heard similra mutterings about needing HDTV to really appreciate the xbox 360, so we did byu a HDTV (were due a new tv anyway).
Have to say you can see the difference between our original TV and the new TV when playing xbox 360 games - especially with certain games - but I don;t think I would say using a normal TV brings the quality down to xbox level - still think its better!

  iqs 20:34 01 May 2006

Hello and many thanks for all your replies.I think I will wait until I can afford to buy both.I really would like a 360,but it would annoy me knowing there is a difference in the appearance of the graphics.Hope I win the lottery ; ) .Once again thanks.Cheers,Mike

  dontmeshwithme 21:13 01 May 2006

The publishers of the above title recommeded that xbox360 owners purchased the old xbox game unless they had an hdtv as the game was too dark otherwise. see click here for the full details.

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