X1300, X1600, X1650, or 7300GT? :S

  dcrum 21:10 12 Nov 2006

I want to upgrade my MX4000 for obvious reasons (its crap), and I cant decide between these cards, they're all £50-100, the X1650 being at the top, and the X1300 at the bottom. Their specs are relative to the price and I only want something substantially better than my MX4000 but I also only need it to last me until next september when I sell my pc so is the X1650 really going to benefit me given it is twice the price of the X1300?

  [email protected] 21:21 12 Nov 2006

What sort of games do you play?

  dcrum 23:07 12 Nov 2006

Mainly games such as GTR, GTL, GTR2, Flight sim X, normally very high powered stuff which my current card can barely cope with.
i should note that all the graphics cards mentioned are AGP, i do not have a pci-e slot, and they all have atleast 256MB DDR2

  [email protected] 15:58 13 Nov 2006

The X1650 is considerably better than the X1300. The games you've listed will be quite intensive on the graphics card so you will certainly see the benefit. Whether or not it is worth double the price to last you out until September is something only you can decide. It won't have a massive effect on the price you will be able to sell your computer at.

I haven't personally played any of those games so don't no how low you can set the graphics at but I suspect that at minimal settings the X1300 will give you a playable framerate; you will just have to forfit some of the visual effects.

  dcrum 17:08 13 Nov 2006

cheers dave, ive decided today to get the X1600pro, it seems to offer most of the benefits of the X1650 just with slightly slower memory (1.2GHz instead of 1.3GHz) but the GPU architecture of the X1600 i've found out is much the same as the X1650.

  Joe R 18:47 13 Nov 2006


for £4 over the ton, you could get a 6800XT, which will run a lot faster and smoother than any of the above cards.

click here

  dcrum 13:09 14 Nov 2006

I have found that the core clock speed of the 6800XT is 350MHz. How can this run faster than an X1600 which has 600MHz GPU?
The memory are both 256MB GDDR3.

  vinnyT 14:12 14 Nov 2006

For gaming, the 6800xt will beat any of the ati x1000 range, bar the x1800/1900 cards.

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