x box 360 vesus Nintendo wii

  freddy-firecracker 20:51 21 Aug 2007


I am thinking of buying a new console and am thinking about the Microsoft and Nintendo offering. I know the price is coming down on the x box but this will still be dearer than the Wii. Can anyone add any comments regarding graphics, costs, game play, extra costs etc.



  Kate B 21:35 21 Aug 2007

The Wii is absolutely heaps of fun, though I suppose it depends on whether you're a serious gamer who's fussy about graphics and wedded to the controller. Playing Wii Tennis is one of the most fun evenings I've ever had.

The 360 is a good machine, though - a big catalogue of games, good graphics, you can use it as a DVD player and you can buy an HD DVD player for it, too. If you've got Media Center (either XP or Vista) you can use the 360 as a MC Extender.

Bottom line is, what do you want from it? I've got a 360 that I rarely use but I'd really like a Wii.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:26 22 Aug 2007

they are really very different consoles and the best way to decide is to look at the type of games you can get on each console as an idication of the gameplay. I realy don't think you will see many (any?) dual ported games. I have a Wii and I'm enjoying it (especially as Resident Evil 4 is now out) - but the games catalogue is a little disappointing at the moment. The 360 is a next gen machine and is really competing with the ps3 not the Wii. I have been tempted many times to get a 360 as well, mainly because I find the pricing of the ps3 hard to swallow, and the current games for the ps3 are not much to right home about at the moment.
Your call - it's not a hard choice, you just need to know what you enjoy playing.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:27 22 Aug 2007

the = that

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:29 22 Aug 2007

right = write

  oresome 10:40 22 Aug 2007

My daughter bought a Wii and she can't get a look in for the wife and me having challenge snooker matches.

I'm not into computer games normally, but I like the sports games on this machine because you don't have to get deeply involved. You can just turn it on and have a enjoyable 15 minutes worth. Of course it is addictive and you finish up playing all evening.

  robbiepaul79 14:00 22 Aug 2007

how about for the single player, i dont have any friends or family - how does a wiii stand up to the single player market.

  Whitehart 14:10 22 Aug 2007

Single or multiplayer, the Wii absolutely rocks and I always considered that Nintendo has the best games.

Nothing wrong with the X-Box but in a different way. Good graphics are alright to a point but I prefer the Wii for it's fun factor.

  Slim Shady 15:37 22 Aug 2007

Kate B - the toilet's that way *points*

I only wrote that because nobody else had. I had been resisting the urge.

Anyway, 360's have major issues and are so inherently faulty it'd be best to avoid them.

So there's your answer.

Personally, I'd get a PS3.

  robbiepaul79 10:23 24 Aug 2007

If a 360 was the choice is the extra £50 for the elite version worth the money?

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