Dekay 07:39 01 Apr 2006

As anyone had probs with this firm (DOS COMPUTERS). Ordered motherboard about 3 weeks ago and nothing as been delivered yet.
I sent off several emails (there is no contact telephone number) only to be ignored. Checking on web site it says order is being processed, but has said this for about 3 weeks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:18 01 Apr 2006

I wouldn't have touched a company that has no privacy policy and sparse details...click here I cannot find a phone number for this bunch. Personally I would send them an email every minute for an hour or so and see if that stirs them into action. If you paid by CC I would contact your provider ASAP


  Forum Editor 09:02 01 Apr 2006

and for all I know they may be a perfectly bona fide operation. but.....

1. They are contravening current legislation by not showing details of their identity, and a postal address on their site.

2. The total lack of a published privacy policy is a worry, as GANDALF <|:-)> has already pointed out.

3. Their failure to acknowledge your emails (even via an autoresponder) is an additional cause for concern.

presumably you paid for your motherboard with your credit card. If that was the case I suggest that you send a further - and final - email telling them that you are cancelling your order. tell them that you want an immediate card refund (they have 28 days to do that), and consider that you have learned a lesson the hard way.

NEVER order goods from an online retailer unless there are contact details and a postal address clearly displayed on the site. It is a contravention of the Distance selling regulations 2000 not to disclose your identity (e.g. your name, if you are a sole trader) and a postal address on your website if you require payment for goods in advance of delivery.

  Dekay 12:19 01 Apr 2006

click here
Just found the above web site which seems to be connected to click here. This site as contact details and privacy policy.
Some of the links on this site link to click here. Have emailed the sales at this site and also protx which handled the credit card payment. Will try to ring on Monday and if I get no joy will try to get the credit card refunded through my CC provider.
Thanx for all you're help.

  spuds 12:39 01 Apr 2006

that you are seeking.

D.O.S Computers Ltd, Unit 5, Morris Green Business Park, Fearnhead Street, Off St. Helens Road, Bolton, BL3 3PE.

Telephone: 0870 7669297
Fax: 0161 6608018
Technical Support/Sales: 0870 7669297
email: [email protected]
VAT No: 757 5074 07

They also go under the title of Digital Computer Systems via eBay.(Feedback: + 1122 as of 06/08/05)

All the above information from my purchases from this company on the 11/08/2005, when I purchased a very good computer system from them. When I was dealing with D.O.S co.uk (Digital Systems), their support and sales service was first class. Would mention that I think they are 'for trade' manufacturers, making computer units in volume for resale via trade sources including eBay at times of surplus stock.

Hope that above is relevant to you, and you get the problem solved.

  Dekay 15:17 01 Apr 2006

Thanx Spuds.
Will try to contact them via there ebay ID as well.
Glad to here someone as actually dealt with them befor.

  Forum Editor 23:48 01 Apr 2006

that someone has dealt with these people before. Nevertheless, they are breaking the law by not including a postal address on the website, and the fact that they have no published privacy policy is certainly a concern. Their website is created from a template, and they haven't even bothered to remove the template instruction text from the privacy page.

I'll be interested to hear how you get on when you contact them via the address/telephone number provided by spuds.

  spuds 01:53 02 Apr 2006

Just had a look at all the website links, and they all seem to differ slightly.Combining bits and pieces from the three sites, seems to give various information on privacy, address and I also notice different telephone numbers to those I supplied. I also note on one site it gives directions to their counter service, yet in another site it states that they have closed this section down now.

Checking on eBay, they are still in business, under the title of digitalcomputersystems selling items, with the latest feedback positive ratings being placed yesterday and Friday.

  igr 14:23 02 Apr 2006

Used these some time ago - they sent me the wrong product, but when contacted via the telephone number on the invoice, were very helpful - refunded the cost and the postage without any hassle.

  Dekay 10:33 04 Apr 2006

Tried all the telephone numbers.
No 1 Not regognised
No 2 Does not take incoming calls
No 3 Lights on but nobodys home.
Sent numerous emails (50)
At 12.45 yesterday I had still had not recieved a reply?
Checked email last night and recieved an order update.See below.

"DOS Computers
Order Number: 1779
Detailed Invoice:
Date Ordered: Tuesday 14 March, 2006

The comments for your order are

Your refund has been done.

Your order has been updated to the following status.

New status: Cancelled

Please reply to this email if you have any questions."

No explanation as to what had gone wrong.
Don't know if this was as a result of all my emails or the one from Protx.
I think PCadvisor should check this company out as their web site is still active waiting to take more orders. ( IT COULD BE YOU )

  spuds 11:28 04 Apr 2006

Just checked their eBay auctions, and still trading with last positive feedbacks registered 03/04/2006, yesterday!.

When I purchase the computer system it came with a 3 year RTB warranty. Hope this might not be a case of section 75, if needed (Yes, I did pay by credit card).

According to all the information that I have, the company commenced trading in 1992 as Digital Computer Systems. Sixteen years of trading must speak for itself in the computer industry, many an household name as gone to the wall in that time.

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