Geronimo. 17:10 23 Mar 2009

Hi all has anyone heard of these cause i desperatly need a grand & these accepted me but they wanted £50 upfont & ive dealt with this kinda company BUT these seem differant as in more genuine..

click here

  961 17:22 23 Mar 2009

This seems to be based in the Channel Islands and thus not regulated by UK authorities

Why not contact Citizen's Advice or National DebtLine first?

  Forum Editor 17:28 23 Mar 2009

don't work for nothing. They are not lending you the money, someone else is, and the upfront fee will almost certainly be their charge for arranging the loan.

The site says all the right things, but we're not financial advisers, so you must make the final decision. Just be aware that unsecured personal loans can be very expensive - the longer the repayment term the higher the eventual cost.

  Geronimo. 18:02 23 Mar 2009

961 & FE many thankx ive just had Yesloans & a whole loada rubbish companies calling me, it seems they give your details out to other companies & im not sure thats legal!

Whilst i was typing this thread my wife who was downstairs had spoke to the above named company (allaboutloans.co.uk) & she gave them all her details inc bank details, ive told her to contact the company & ask them if they are in fact Brokers & they told my wife they are! so my wife has since cancelled as much as she can do with this company, however other companies still have her details & we are not happy, my wifes bank has also told her IF allaboutloans.co.uk take any money from her account the bank said that they are breaking the law & either the bank or my wife can take them to court or something like that for fraud!

Once again many thankx!

  Forum Editor 18:20 23 Mar 2009

but please be careful about using the fraud word. Being a loan broker is a perfectly legal and respectable thing to do, provided you make everything clear in advance with regard to arrangement fees, interest rates, and so on.

Nobody can operate a debit on your bank account unless you have provided a mandate - you must authorise the debit in advance - and your bank will not pay any debit request unless it has a prior mandate in place, so you need not worry on that score.

Nothing that I've seen on the site in your original link has given me any reason to be in any way suspicious of the way the company operates, but as with all things related to finance you must take care to protect your own interests. Never enter into a loan agreement without thoroughly investigating the terms and conditions associated with it, and don't provide anyone with your bank account details unless you have first ascertained why the other party needs the information.

  Stuartli 18:44 23 Mar 2009

A respected financial matters expert, Martin Lewis, has his own very popular website:

click here

  AllAboutLoans 09:30 27 Nov 2010

Hi Geronimo,

Sorry for joining this thread so late but I have only just come across it.

Firstly, I would just like to state for the record that All About Loans do not, and never have and never will charge any applicants any fees whatsoever.

We are a loans broker, as depicted on the website, and as such we do not lend the money, we introduce the applicant to loans brokers as that is how the industry works. All this is explained in the Pricay Policy which you would have agreed to having read in order to submit an application.

My apologies for you being troubled by fee charging brokers. (I won't mention any names here) At the time, we were unaware that they were charging applicants a fee. When we found out, we removed them all from our panel of lenders.

As stated earlier, we do not charge any fees for our service and I would recommend to anyone to steer clear of any brokers that try to extract money for an application. There is no guarantee that you will get your money back if your loan application fails. Indeed, it is more likely that this type of operation makes more money from the fees than it does from actually arranging loans.

  birdface 10:11 27 Nov 2010

I would have thought that the bank would have been a better choice but I suppose it is hard to get loans from them nowadays.
Having seen what some of the loan companies charge would put you off completely.
I am not saying they are all the same but some of them advertising on TV charge more than 1000% plus.
I suppose it is just a matter of shopping around till you find the cheapest.

  rickf 10:17 27 Nov 2010

Agree with buteman. Try a bank first. Lots offers on loans.

  birdface 10:18 27 Nov 2010

I will point out that your click here was a bad site and if you downloaded anything from it that is why you are probably getting all the calls and mail from.
This is what WOT says about your Site.

click here

Maybe best to get your bank change your card details or whatever.

  Uboat 10:20 27 Nov 2010

if THIS company is linked with YESLOANS/YESFINANCE or in any way AVOID like the plague!
simply google yesloans or this mentioned company and put reviews see what other people are saying..

they could be brokers which means they DO NOT have any money! they forwards your PERSONAL details to other companies who will look at if you can afford a loan or if they are willing to lend you,

we tried with another company who wanted this £50 fee upfront and was ripped off 4 years ago and never had any help, the company simply are middlemen nothing more, as the above poster who is from the mentioned website states "We are a loans broker, as depicted on the website, and as such we do not lend the money, we introduce the applicant to loans brokers"
SO THERE IS THE PROOF..They dont have any money..

I am not sure if i agree or like this process, BUT one thing i will say is that our details was past on to THAT many companies we got a TSUNAMI of calls from all over the place & we got tired repeating & repeating our situation and details in the end we just called our telephone provider and changed our number costing us £26...
my honest advice to ANYONE is if you can avoid companies like this then DO IT!

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