Wrist rest good or not?

  Ellie3009 16:27 24 Mar 2003

I have been debating getting a wristrest, on the assumption that it would make typing for long periods more comfortable.

Yet, on the underside of my Logitech Keyboard, in the "Warning!" part, it says:
"If you use a wrist rest, do not use it while typing."

Isn't that the whole point of a wrist rest?
Have I missed something?

  Diemmess 16:41 24 Mar 2003

Mercifully I don't spend long periods typing......If you do you must be very careful, it is a no-win sitution. A wrist rest will save you from an aching neck or shoulder, but probably transfer all the repeated stress to your finger muscles!

  ArthurFowler 16:48 24 Mar 2003

The wrist rest is meant for resting your wrist on when it is resting, not typing. Ditto with a mouse pad wrist rest.


  Belatucadrus 16:59 24 Mar 2003

It's one of those suck it and see questions, some people swear by them others swear at them. Personaly I like them, but would recommend paying for a decent profiled gel one. I don't think the flat neoprene foam ones are worth it. click here and see what you think.

  Ellie3009 17:19 24 Mar 2003

Thanks Belatucadrus, guess I'll have to get one and find out!
It has to be better than having the edge of the desk digging into my wrists!

  Pilch.... 17:31 24 Mar 2003

that on my microsoft internet keyboard that the detatchable rest is quite sufficient, even a friend went out and got one after using my keyboard.

If you use things like keyboard's, then i do suggest buying quality, as it can save you from pain,

  €dstow 18:20 24 Mar 2003

I use a M$ Natural keyboard (the one with the "split keys" layout). This has a built in wrist rest. It's hard plastic (same as the keyboard) but is quite useful for resting between bouts of heay keyboard use. Certainly no good for use whilst typing, as I think most aren't.

If you want to get less hand/wrist/arm strain, have a go with a Natural keyboard. It takes an hour or so to get used to one but I wouldn't go back to the olf "in line" type. In fact, I can't use one of those properly now, I'm so used to the split one.


  barrie_g 19:04 24 Mar 2003

if your going to be typing for long periods DO NOT rest your wrists while typing learn to get used to holding your hands above the keyboard and not resting on anything, if you start typing while resting your wrists you will be bending your wrists up slightly to give your fingers enough room to operate the keys this is one of the main causes of RSI.

OK doing it the other way you will feel stiff in your shoulders but these are much larger muscles and after a few days when you have adjusted to working this way the pain will stop, where as if you start getting pain in your wrists stop as it will only get worse.

  allwillobey 00:14 25 Mar 2003

as a gamer, i do have problems with my right wrist, due to constant mouse use, e.g. my wrist clicks all the time and worryingly so does my elbow. However the best wrist type thing for mouse work that i have come across is something called a mouse bean, you stick it onto the back of your mouse and your wrist rests on it as you use the mouse. it really is amazing as it keeps rsi at bay, and only costs about £7. if you want one they sell them at click here

  Forum Editor 00:38 25 Mar 2003

who has used a keyboard and mouse for much of every day for many years I feel reasonably qualified to comment.

I use a Microsoft Office keyboard, because it has an inbuilt wrist-rest, and is without a shadow of a doubt the best keyboard I have ever used (and I've used hundreds).€dstow is probably right about the split keyboard type, but despite using a keyboard of some description for over thirty years I still haven't learned to touch-type. I am probably the all-England champion at two-fingered speed typing though.

allwillobey is absolutely right about mouse beans - one of those simple little ideas that works better than anything else I've seen.

  Qmar 01:18 25 Mar 2003

Ellie3009 specified typing as her query.. (although a gel pad fixed to the front of the mousepad is vital btw).:barrie_g is correct..*do not* rest wrists while typing...

..But EEC Regulations state that people employed @ typing for long periods have to be provided with wrist pads ..( for resting the hands inbetween typing).

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