Would anyone buy

  rins36 19:14 02 May 2003

any of the latest offers from Aldi that start the 8th May 03? These can be seen on their webpage

  watchful 19:32 02 May 2003

I might - If I needed one, the DVD player sounds OK but have no previous experience of buying from Aldi.

Actually, I fancy the bike!

  Belatucadrus 20:59 02 May 2003

I'm going to have a look at the PC Skills training CD, but I wouldn't touch the Anti virus without a lot more info. Come to think of it when you can get AVG, Avast4 & Antivir for nothing, I wouldn't buy it even if I had more info.

  rins36 22:06 02 May 2003


I borrowed the book from a friend that is the same idea as the cd, had a quick look through the book & it seems ok, not sure wht context the cd uses but for the price u have nothing to lose


The bike seems good value, a friend of mine bought a dvd player from Aldi, had probs with it & they did a no quibble exchange. I never bought an items that are of a price from Aldi, normally only buy drinks etc from there

  Tenner 13:21 03 May 2003

They usually come up with some good puter related offers, their photo paper ( when available ) is good value click here

As for the 'European computer driving licence' seen several such products around at various prices, Being a cynic, I wonder whether this is the next 'scam' - remember all the books when the driving test changed ? At £4,99 it's not worth ranting about though - could even be tempted myself!.

watchful : if you ever do decide on a dvd player try click here
for what seems to be an excellent buy, if any are left, that is.

  watchful 16:11 03 May 2003

Tenner - thanks for the link.

  Belatucadrus 14:31 09 May 2003

I did buy the ECDL training CD and it seems OK.

  Goldcroft 07:57 10 May 2003

May be wrong, but think the European Driving Licence for computers is a genuine qualification.

  Tenner 10:59 10 May 2003

" the European Driving Licence for computers is a genuine qualification." - I'm not doubting it. It was the variety of training schemes on offer by any number of publishers/organisations that I was getting at. Like last year's scheme ( training for all ? ) where the gov grant system for tuition fees was abused - sorry my mind's gone blank again.


  spuds 11:20 10 May 2003

I purchased the ECDL interactive training cd, seems like a very good £4.99 worth.Still to install it on my computer, but the pachaging looks fine. The Anti-Virus seems a waste of money, when you can have a better product like AVG for free.

The bicyles look great and very snazzy.The store that I visited only had two left from a supply of twelve.Was tempted to buy one of these, but the old legs wouldn't survive over long distances.Aldi were also stocking other cycling gear like Helmets,security chains and locks,plus various carrier devices. All ideal for the coming summer months.

  kayr 12:03 10 May 2003

I have bought two computers from aldi from german company medion great computers at great prices, only problem is they have limited stocks on their specials and it is first come first served and you need cash or debit card. Also purchased a tv which had a fault on the tuning, they replaced it no quibbles or hassles replacement has worked fine.


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