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  ened 06:54 11 Mar 2006

Forgive me: not computer related but every month this company send my wife a mail shot detailing the current 'Editors Choice'.
She duly tears off the slip and returns it.
End of story.....until this month when they have sent her the three books, which she does not want.

I say: this is unsolicited and they should be responsible for collecting the package.

They say: the onus and cost is on us to get it back to them or we will be billed.

She definitely returned the slip but it is concievable our illustrious Post Office failed to deliver it.

She has purchased a shed-load of books from them over the years but :

Who is right?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:18 11 Mar 2006

Without a record of having posted the slip, you will be best to return the books to the company.

Who is right: you, morally but is it worth the fight?

  Forum Editor 08:38 11 Mar 2006

Unless you have any evidence that your wife returned this slip (you don't say, but I assume it's a 'no thank you' slip), it will be difficult for you to prove anything.

That said, am I to understand that you have to opt out of the editor's choice selection - in other words, you automatically receive the books unless you say otherwise? It looks that way to me, from a brief examination of the company's website. If that's the case you'll have to pay for the books to be returned unless you can demonstrate that you sent the slip back.

In future it might be better to refuse the offer online each month - you can do that by logging into the website click here

  ened 17:38 11 Mar 2006

Thanks for your replies.

"Who is right: you, morally but is it worth the fight?"

It isn't really the fight but the principle.

My wife has been a really good customer and I think she should be given the benefit of the doubt.

I don't agree with this business about 'we will automatically send you the editor's choice unless you tell us otherwise' and did not realise this was what has been happening.

I believe this to be a dodgy practice.

In my email I have included the instruction that we do not wish to receive any more books unless we specifically order them.

If we have to pay the return costs we will but they will be losing our business.

FE: Thanks for the link.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:22 11 Mar 2006

I understand you don't want the fight :-)

Let us know the outcome of the email - somehow I think that they will continue to send you the books - that's their business model.

I was with TSP for a long time and liked it a lot - but it was akward remembering to send back the slip every month - didn't work when I was away for a while and I ended up with a few books I didn't much want but it was cheaper to keep them than return them.

  ened 19:00 11 Mar 2006

I will return to this thread when we reach the outcome.

I copied that email back to myself so as far as I am concerned any more books which arrive (unordered) are definitely unsolicited.

I'll be back!

  Totally-braindead 19:41 11 Mar 2006

I don't know if you say Watchdog on BBC1, last week I think it was they had lots of complaints about various book clubs and it turned out they were all owned by the same company. click here may be worth an email to them

  Micromagic 02:55 12 Mar 2006

My experience with World Book was similar.
But I dealt with the situation in the following
The first time, they complained about non return
of their book, I sent next two books by recorded delivery and from the third book onwards by ordinary post without any further complain from World Book.
As for Royal Mail, it is the worst mail service in the world. Despite their various claims, the
independent NGOs have proved that less than 60% items ever reach their destinations.
Number of lost items are horrendous.
Last month Post Watchdog has fined the Royal Mail
a whopping £20million. The Royal Mail has appealed against it but I guess their appeal would be a futile exercise.

  rmcqua 09:27 12 Mar 2006

"...the worst mail service in the world..."
I don't think so!
Any objective evidence to support this ridiculious claim?

  rmcqua 09:28 12 Mar 2006

...ridiculous, even.

  Forum Editor 10:07 12 Mar 2006

I am the first person to agree that Royal mail deliveries aren't what they used to be in terms of efficiency, but "...the worst mail service in the world"? I think you need to do some travelling - as I have - and experience a few other countries' mail services - as I have.

Then you would realise how wildly wrong you are.

ened - you can't make an assumption that books arriving from the book club are unsolicited, because you, or your wife agreed to receive them when you signed up with the club - it's a clearly stated pre-condition with most of these clubs. You may think it's a dodgy practice, but it's perfectly legal and above board, and is part of the book-club business model. If they didn't do it they would be out of business within a year.

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