World band radios - any experince?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:03 20 Jul 2008

Evening all,

I'm looking for a radio to use abroad - likely Africa / SE Asia - for a year or so. I've been recommended the Sony ICF-SW7600 and reading around, it seems a good deal for the price I am willing to spend - max £150.

Does anyone have any experience of these radios and may be able to offer a suggestion as to what I should go for?

Thanks as always, Dio

  peter99co 20:14 20 Jul 2008

I thought Roberts radios were supposed to be good, but sadly no experience (price!)

  laurie53 20:41 20 Jul 2008

Depends a bit on want you want to pick up.

FM, AM, DAB, and what local system is in use, since some local systems vary like tv systems.

If you are going to able ti access the internet then an internet radio would appear to fit the bill.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:10 20 Jul 2008

and it's an excellent shortwave radio. Also consider a Worldspace receiver. These use satellites and give better than DAB sound quality, however some of the stations are encripted and you need to pay to get them, although mainstream BBC, NPR etc are free. I've got a Hitachi KH-WS1 which is considered by some to be the best version, it also has good shortwave reception as well as FM and medium wave. I think you can still pick them up second hand.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:13 20 Jul 2008

click here

although it's an old post

  spuds 11:57 21 Jul 2008

I found that it was easier an cheaper, especially in SE Asia to buy and haggle locally. The African continent is a whole different ball game. Whatever you do, keep receipts, because some border controls and the administrators can get very sensitive, especially on items like radio equipment, and that can include the UK.

  peter99co 16:42 21 Jul 2008

This is one @ £89

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 09:00 25 Jul 2008

Thanks for those comments. I'm still researching so will post back when I come to a conclusion.

  bjh 10:56 25 Jul 2008

Out in the (relative) wilds, African radio signals seemed to me either to be very weak, or broadcast over quite a wide fuzzy frequency (though my experience is over 10 years old). I can't remember the make of radio we had, but it was quite posh and had a lovely long aerial. It was, however, really poor to listen to. It disappeared with some of our technical equipment that was going into town to be cleaned up. When it reappeared, someone had cut off the aerial, and replaced it with a stumpy "thing"... looked like it had been cut out of a sheet of metal. It worked far better.
So, I guess that may support the "buy local" view. Whoever "broke" our radio obviously knew what was needed!

  Diodorus Siculus 12:21 12 Nov 2008

Belated thanks - have the Sony ICF-SW7600 out here in SE Asia and it's good quality. The biggest problem is the fact the BBC World Service is only broadcast here for a few hours of the day.

Really missing BBCRadio4 but while here in the city for a couple of days I'm downloading as much as possible for listening to another time.

  wiz-king 12:54 12 Nov 2008

I have found that a scanner is as good as any of the cheaper 'all-band' radios I have tried. I have one similar to click here but would advise getting rechargable batteries.

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