Works for Windows or MS Office?

  BRG 23:02 11 Apr 2007

I regularly use Word 2000 and Excel 2000. Soon to buy a new computer, all seem advertised with Works for Windows. Are the WP and spreadsheet parts of Works compatible with documents and spreadsheets composed on Office 2000? Is it worth buying Office 2007 as an extra for relatively simple usage?

All advice welcome! Thanks Dick G.

  Forum Editor 00:28 12 Apr 2007

as an extra for relatively simple usage?"

Certainly not.

As for file compatibility, you'll have no problems. Microsoft provides free converter downloads for just about any combination of its file formats you care to mention.

  laurie53 08:14 12 Apr 2007

Not sure it's so cut and dried as that.

I've been using Office for ages (hang over from work) but recently recently bought a laptop with Works installed.

Couldn't get on with it at all, and ended up installing Office instead.

Bit of personal preference involved I think.

I also found continual conversion a pain, and not entirely trouble free


  €dstowe 08:30 12 Apr 2007

Works is a cheap, really rather rubbish, program produced as an alternative to MS Office but carefully designed to be incompatible with it.

You would be much better off with OpenOffice click here which is compatible with the MS product but best of all, it's free.

I'm not certain about Office 2007 compatibility but that's not fully compatible with previous version of itself so you are not missing out on anything. Also, there are not many users of Office 2007 yet so I'm sure by the time it becomes popular, OpenOffice will have been updated.

  Simsy 09:00 12 Apr 2007

you currently use, from Office 2000 don't make use of Macros then you'll be happy with OpenOffice, click here, which makes a really good job of converting/opening the equivalent MS files.

Try it and see... it's free.

However, if your documents use macros, and you want to keep using them, there's no alternative but go get and install MS Office.

I'm pretty certain, (but open to correction), that the Macros wont run "in Works" either. The spreadsheet in "Works" will open Excel sheets... but only a single sheet at a time... If you have an Excel workbook that has more than one sheet, when opening it in the works spreadsheet it will ask which sheet you want to open.

If you are able to get "Works SUITE", as oppossed to just "Works", this contains MS "WORD", (and some other progs), and "Works", so you could continue using "Word"

I hope this helps.



  iscanut 11:15 12 Apr 2007

I can only repeat what others have said..Open Office is superb for home use and FREE !!

  pj123 17:01 12 Apr 2007

I agree with €dstowe that Works is cheap but I can't agree that it is rubbish.

Yes, it is incompatible with MS Office. But you can always save files created in Works as .rtf for word processing documents. .csv files for spreadsheets and possibly .dbf for database files.

I have both MS Office 2000 and Works 4.5 on my computer. I find Access is too complicated for me and I only need a flatfile database anyway so the Works database is ideal. I don't use anything else from Works.

Openoffice is a really good substitute for MS Office but it doesn't have MS Publisher, which is also carefully designed by MS to be incompatible with any other desktop publishing program.

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