Working from home using NTL Home BB ??

  accord 20:17 09 Jun 2003

I am experiencing problems with email and browsing using NTL home BB. I have found out that there is a problem with the servers, of which this is being resolved. This should be complete overnight tonight. fine, i understand all this, but i thought i'd try my luck at some sort of compensation. this is where it gets interesting.

upon speaking to customer services i enquired about any compensation as they (NTL) were not providing me with a full service of which i pay for. the operator then asks if there is anything which needs to be sent tonight via email which cannot wait until tomorrow morning once repairs have been resolved. mentioning that i had to get some documents over to my boss, she stops me by saying that i am paying for a residential service and therefore cannot claim any compensation if using the service for business use.

therefore..... if anybody out there is working from home, ie: sales execs, etc etc, be careful when you try and claim compensation from NTL. Dont mention that you work from home and you will be fine, as soon as you say that you do, you cannot get a bean out of them, you have to subscribe to their business service.

any comments would be appreciated.

  Sir Radfordin™ 21:17 09 Jun 2003

Technically I guess you could say they are right. Who is paying for the service? If work pay for it then yes you should have a business line. If you are paying for it then the homeline should be fine.

Also depends on how you work from home - if doing it all the time then again I guess Business service would be called for. If its just the odd bit of finishing stuff off or working over a weekend then again I'd say that was different.

  obbit 21:23 09 Jun 2003

i notice that they have removed the notice of the mail server fault first posted on the 2.6.03. thats 7 days ago. maybe this is to stop everyone else making a claim. i thought they promise to correct a fault within 2 days. am i wrong?

  accord 21:31 09 Jun 2003

Sir Radfordin™

when i say working from home, i mean being based from home. im not downloading mbs after mbs of info, just doing reports, presentations, proposals etc etc on my home pc then emailing them to colleagues and my work laptop. i am paying for the service myself as i use it for surfing but as its there i also use it for competitor information aswell.

thanks for your comments anyway.


i was on hols last week and only noticed the problem yesterday evening.

  pj123 23:20 09 Jun 2003

does that mean that if you decided to take them to your boss in your car (which I assume is insured for Social, Domestic and Pleasure) your insurance is void???

  jazzypop 23:41 09 Jun 2003

As far as most insurance companies are concerned, yes.

  maby66 23:46 09 Jun 2003

pj123 - errrm - very possibly.....
Small print (every contract has small print) of your insurance may say that travel to or from your permanent place of work is excluded - not all insurance companies do this, but you'd be surprised at how many do...alternatively, if you were asked at renewal/time of taking the policy out "do you use the car to commute?" then you will be paying a higher rate than people who dont...and it will say as much in your policy document...(being REALLY pedantic Social, Domestic and Pleasure does NOT cover you for business travel related purposes AT ALL, or commuting unless specified in your policy document - a case in point would be if you were asked to go to another office by your firm and decided to drive yourself there - even if you have the "commuting" part - or permanent place of work clause, you would not be covered for the journey to the alternate office.......I have read extensively on this in a motoring related forum and you would be surprised how restrictive insurance is..........)

to go back to Accords point - then strictly speaking you could say NTL were correct - I guess the distinction they are making is that if you are a home user it is unlikely that you have items that are SO urgent they cant wait until tomorrow - however, if you pay a business rate (hiogher than a domestic user of course) you will get a Service Level Agreement as part of your contract which will specify uptime/time to fix etc.
Therefore as a business user it is much clearer over compensation levels for under performance against those targets....

Short answer here is that if you are using a home service for business purposes you cant really expect compensation like in a business contract.....perhaps Accord you could look at the differential in price between a home service and a business service from least it would clarify your position for compensation purposes in the future, and possibly your firm may wish to make a contribution too....

  Tim1964 23:52 09 Jun 2003

I bet the smallest of the small print on our NTL BB says something like

'...if your service is down for over a week then......tough!'

They know the only option we have is to go elsewhere but of cause we're locked into an annual contract.

  pj123 14:59 10 Jun 2003

I think it's called "nit picking" isn't it? I work for a County Council and am quite often asked to take mail and documents from my office to County Hall. My car insurance is for Domestic, Social and Pleasure plus travel to and from my place of work. Technically I work in a location outside of County Hall, but County Hall is my employer. But, back to NTL BB. I am on NTL BB and do quite a lot of work at home, for my employer. I will remember not to mention that in future. Thanks for the warning.

  accord 17:24 10 Jun 2003


yeah it is nit picking and wish i hadnt said it was for a work document that i needed to send.

by the way im still have problems with the mail server, apart from that its fine.

i shall close this thread now
cheers for your comments

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