Words of Warning

  beanyboy 19:01 26 Jul 2006

Just to warn others ...do not obtain ink cartridges from INK CYCLE.

I have now had two of theirs leak badly and very badly , causing considerable ink damage to the printer (so much so that it is unrepairable) and carpets and clothing etc.

They were only prepared to replace the cartridge and could not care less about the collateral damage.

Be warned . Get more reliable cartridges from a more reliable supplier. Not INK Cycle , if you don't want to endure what we have endured.

  spuds 19:53 26 Jul 2006

Not wanting to pry, and not knowing of the actual defense for the case, have you considered consulting Consumer Direct click here or your local Trading Standards, Consumer Advice Centre for advice.

If the product(s) were faulty, due to a manufacturers error, then you would have grounds for a claim, consisting of more than two replacement cartridges.

  ade.h 20:10 26 Jul 2006

Well done for completely ignoring what the forum guidelines pdf states about not inciting others to avoid a particular supplier or company.

  ade.h 20:11 26 Jul 2006

And in case that is at all imbiguous, that is sarcasm.

  beanyboy 11:23 27 Jul 2006

Thanks for your replies .Much appreciated.
To Spud.... No I did not go to Trading Standards. To be honest I was so fed up with all the who-ha, I just could not go thru all-that-would-be required by those people as far as proof and photo's etc etc. I accepted it in the end as just being bad luck but at least exposing INKCYCLE for what they were. I won't foul the airwaves with what I reckon but at least if I can warn others , they wont suffer the same disaster.

To ade.h... To tell you the truth I did not realise that such a restriction existed.Hopefully however the Powers-that-be understood or will understand that there is no personal malice intended. I am simply trying to warn others of a genuine thing that happened to me that , in my opinion, others should be warned about.

Cheers to you both.

  Duff Drinker 13:27 27 Jul 2006

Speaking from my own experience,I have used INKCYCLE for a number of years & have had excellent by return of post service and their products have always been of excellent quality.

I shudder to think how much I could have spent on "real" Epson cartridges.

I would recommend them whole heartedly.

  ade.h 13:56 27 Jul 2006

You have to be very careful about what you say and how you phrase it when posting to forums.

You may or may not be aware of the precedents that have already been set with regard to defamation of character in a forum.

In this case, we are potentially talking about libelling a company, which is even more serious.

If someone posts a comment that is libellous or otherwise harmful to a business's image, such as a call for a boycott, the forum (as the publisher of that comment) is jointly liable.

  14all 14:49 27 Jul 2006

I read an article recently published in a rival PC mag about a ruling that may make online libel hard to prove.

I’ll only reproduce the legal part of the article just in case I get done for copyright infringement. I’ve also left the name of the person off, so I do not give the forum editor any problem.

Mr Justice Gray ruled that just because something has been published on a website, it’s not possible to presume that ’substantial publication’ has occurred.
He was ruling on the case of businessman Mr X who was suing a Swiss company for libel contained in reports published on its website.
He determined that as the reports were read by so few people, any damages that might be awarded would be so small that they would be vastly outweighed by the cost of the trial.

  ade.h 14:56 27 Jul 2006

That judge needs to take his wig off; the hot weather has obviously had a detrimental effect.

If a person or company publishes unacceptable comment or material in the public domain, does the popularity of the website really matter? Not according to previous cases. And this website could hardly be described as "read by only a few people".

Don't you just love armchair lawyers.I would never pay attention to legal advice from lay members on internet forums - it could be a costly exercise.

  ade.h 15:15 27 Jul 2006

If that is aimed at me, I suggest that you reconsider your comment. My post of 13:56 reiterates the advice given by the FE and my last post is just common sense. There have been successful lawsuits brought against members of quite small forums.

The internet is, after all, a public domain; the number of people who were likely to have read the libellous remarks have not commonly been used as the sole or primary reason for dismissing a case, merely as one of the factors that may determine the size of the payout if the claim is successful.

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