mbp 14:21 26 Oct 2004

Is WordPerfect a superior program compared to Word?

  €dstowe 14:41 26 Oct 2004

Some say it is, some say it isn't.

Depends what you're used to. Certainly Word has a much larger distribution than WP but that doesn't mean it's better in itself, it just means that Bill Gates has better marketing staff than Corel.

You will find better compatibility of Word with other programs than you will with WP.

  mbp 17:35 26 Oct 2004

cdStowe: I am assuming that you have encountered the Grammar Checker in WordPerfect. Have you found this satisfactory for your usage? Does it pick up errors and make good suggestions? Please scroll down to the lower part of the reference, a tabulated assessment, and let me know if the asessment sounds about correct:
click here

  TomJerry 18:34 26 Oct 2004

so not much point to get it. DOS verison of wordperfect was great program, but window version never catch up with Word. AmiPro was the best win-based wordprocessor, but IBM let it almost dead.

  Pesala 23:26 26 Oct 2004

I was a loyal user from WordPerfect 4.0 for DOS until version 6.1 for Windows, which was the best. Now I have version 9 (Family Pack 3.0) but very rarely use it. Open Office would be a better choice for most word processing tasks. I use Page Plus 9 - a DTP package - nowadays instead, as it is much more flexible.

That review of Grammar Checker was ancient (2002) so bears little relationship to modern products. The latest version of WordPerfect might be better than mine, but I don't see any good reason to recommend WordPerfect.

  €dstowe 08:37 27 Oct 2004

I tend not to use grammar checkers as they are built for a US usership and I would really hate to be influenced any more than I have to be in the American rape of the English language. Spellcheckers, yes I do use them but even there I sometimes have disagreements with what the program tells me is right.

I agree with Pesala. The best office and word processor suite available at the moment (and it will be for a long time) is Open Office - not least because it is totally free of charge.

Try Open Office - you may like it click here


  Sparrowhawk 13:01 27 Oct 2004

Can only confirm previous comments.

Business use: Word is pre-installed on nearly all business PCs.

Home use:
I used Word Perfect in 1995-96. It was very good, stable.
Today, I would recommend OpenOffice
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  smartdave 17:26 27 Oct 2004

I hate Microsoft Word. It always seems to be fighting me! And this spoken by a computer programmer. I love Wordperfect. Currently use WP Office 2000 (Version 9), wonderful!

  Neutered 17:51 27 Oct 2004

WordPerfect has always been superior to MS Word. In terms of ease-of-use you can't beat it!

  Neutered 18:00 27 Oct 2004

Were Corel to release this word processor as a `standalone' program I think they may find that they have a `winner'. Agree?

  mbp 22:06 27 Oct 2004

I agree Neutered! I have continued digging around. The concensus is that Corel Word Perfect (Office) is preferable to MS Word. But using the OO forum site I was introduced to this:
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I took hard copies and studied it well. My attention was drawn to Ability Office (US$49.95} At Amazon the retail price is £42.42 but there are offers at £3.39 for a boxed version. I simply do not know what the catch is, but I had to try it. Wouldn't you?
click here
Hope the URL's atre visible when you copy and paste or, click on the link.

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