Worcester Greenstar 28i junior.

  ribo 14:55 20 Mar 2011

Have just had this installed.
There are a 2 questions that I would like answered and wondered is anyone can help.

(1) I want to programme this to have the CH on once per day. Using DT20RF Programmer.
There are three on/off periods. what times do I use. Say on at 7am and off at 9pm?

(2)The "burner ON" indicator light(green) seems to go off sometimes, is this correct, even though at the moment the CH is ON continously. When it goes off, the symbol in the digital display on the room stat, stays.It says in the book that this symbol is shown when the themostat is calling for heat.

Thanks J

  ukpostcode 15:09 20 Mar 2011

Perhaps you need a heating engineer to give you the amswers you seek & not a computer related forum?

  ribo 15:40 20 Mar 2011

Perhaps you are right, but before I posted the thread, I found related threads in this Consumerwatch Forum which is not necessarily computer related.

  961 15:46 20 Mar 2011

Set the first on period for your required starting time, say 7am, and your last off time for 9pm. Then set your CH for on all day

The three periods are normally set for when out at work. i.e. on 7am-9am, on 11.30-2pm, on5pm-9pm. When the programmer is set to "on all day" it will come on at 7am and go off at 9pm

Once the room thermostat reaches the required temperature and the hot water circuit is not calling for heat the boiler will shut down

You can check this by ensuring the water circuit is off and then moving the room stat down to say 10 degrees. The boiler should shut down. Move the room stat up to 30deg, the boiler should come on again

  wee eddie 15:51 20 Mar 2011

I would be posting here, if I had such a question.

I have no experience with one of these Boilers, but I'm sure that others do. If you get very little response in the first few days, just "Bump" it.

If FE thinks it unsuitable, for this Forum, he will deal with it in the nicest possible way, but I think that you may be in the right place.

  wee eddie 15:52 20 Mar 2011

While I was crafting my "few, well chosen, words!"

  ribo 17:12 20 Mar 2011

Thank you. That is what I thought would happen, but when I select "Once". I still have to go through the three ON/OFF periods.
The manual reads. "One ON/OFF period can be achieved by setting the second and third ON/OFF periods to the same time"
If I set the 1st period to On at 7am then the 1st period has an off which must be set.
I just cannot work it out

1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd.
On Off on off on off.
0700 21.00

With regard to the other query, the green "Burner on" light goes off and I presume so does the boiler. even though the room stat has not reached the temp. set by me. Odd!.
wee eddie
Thank you

  spuds 17:15 20 Mar 2011

There is an whole wealth of shared wisdom within the PCA forum, and the FE is quite impressive on items like this.

If you require help of a similar nature, then the Screwfix forum, with its many trades might have a few answers. But be warned, its not so well controlled as this forum, so expect some trade-person remarks, if you decide to use it ;o)

  ribo 17:16 20 Mar 2011

The table I have put in the thread has not turned out as it was meant to be. It should read. Istperiod on 7am. ist period off. ?? 2nd period on ?? second period off ??. third period on ?? third period off 21.00
How you understand. Thanks again. J

  Woolwell 17:24 20 Mar 2011

Does the receiver on the boiler have any central heating settings as you may be able to set the central heating to once per day.
The light does go out as the boiler doesn't have to be lit all the time.

  Woolwell 17:26 20 Mar 2011

Further to the boiler light - it is the hot water circulating in the central heating system which heats the room. The boiler heats this water to the required temp and then goes off until it detects that it has cooled on the return.

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