Won an MP3 player - but where is it??

  Demonblade 09:17 23 Jan 2008

I wrote a letter in October last year to a computer magazine. In the first week of November I was delighted to see that not only was it printed, it was chosen as the "Star letter"!! I was thrilled - the star letter writer that month would receive a 4GB Creative Zen Stone Plus MP3 player.

I emailed the magazine on December 10th, wondering if the prize had been sent (it would have made an ideal Christmas present for my autistic brother). I got no response, and I did not know if it had been simply lost in the post.

I sent another email on January 7th. This time the deputy editor replied the same day, saying they apologised and were "chasing up" the player. That was over two weeks ago.

I really like the magazine, but I've not bought it since; I was thinking of taking out a subscription. I really have no intention of recommending it to my friends and colleagues and they think the non-arrival of the prize is a pretty poor show, prompting one friend to wonder if anyone has ever received a prize.

The name of the magazine? PC Advisor...

  laurie53 10:16 23 Jan 2008

This is not uncommon.

I have had two "star letters" published (neither of them in PCA I hasten to add, my deathless prose is not that good!) but have not received the "reward" from either, nor any reply to enquiries.

  €dstowe 10:44 23 Jan 2008

I am not the least surprised.

My father won a prize in the Times Literary Supplement and a few months after that, I won the Sunday Telegraph Prize Crossword (many years ago). It took many months of badgering both to get anything meaningful from either of them. It's not as thought they were of any notable value - cheques of £10-£15 but you would think they were parting with the Crown Jewels.

  iscanut 10:48 23 Jan 2008

I won a prize in a mag many months ago ( mag shall remain nameless !!). Took several emails and phone calls to eventually receive it 5 months later ! Demonblade, don't hold your breath !

  Managing ed 11:35 23 Jan 2008

Sorry about the delay, you were 100 percent the Star Letter writer winner in the January 2008 issue, and a brand new Creative Zen Stone Plus should reach you in the next couple of weeks. Creative has your details and knows you are waiting, but I will call up today to chase it further.

PC Advisor ALWAYS sends out prizes. We've been around for 12 years because we have a loyal audience, in print and online. It's simply not in our interest to do anything to abuse the trust our readers have in us. To that end we deal only with reputable manufacturers and vendors.

I do appreciate that you've had a bit of a wait and for that I apologise. We try to send prizes out as soon as possible after the next issue goes on sale (in this case December 13).

In this case Christmas deadlines, the Christmas rush at Creative and a well-earned new year holiday for our deputy editor have combined to make the delay longer than it should have been.

Once again, please accept my apologies. Thanks for your patience.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  Demonblade 18:43 23 Jan 2008

Thank you for your replies, especially Matt. I will check the "Resolved" box when I receive the prize. I totally agree with Matt's observation that "It's simply not in our interest to do anything to abuse the trust our readers have in us." I hope other prize-awarders take note.

  global-killer 20:49 24 Jan 2008

My Wife won £3000 prize from "Thats Life" magazine last year.

The cheque was sent within 4 weeks which I thought was very good, no prompting, Emails, phone calls or anything.

Well Done A round of applause to Thats Life Mag. Wife gave me half the cash as well, very nice little earner.

  Stuartli 23:37 24 Jan 2008

I once won a handsome prize for the star letter in a well known motoring magazine.

The letter sent congratulating me on my success stated that the prize was enclosed.

I rang the editorial department's secretary to point out that the prize had not been enclosed, adding that it would be difficult to fit a leather motoring coat in the average envelope...:-)

Fits of laughter and the arrival of said coat a few days later.

  project 90 16:22 25 Jan 2008

i got a pair of plantronics headphones after writng a letter to a pc mag dnt know if it was ere or custom pc tho but i received them in good time

thanks to who ever it was :) but this was back in the era of the geforce 4's

  Demonblade 21:29 20 Feb 2008

I got a very encouraging email from a PC Advisor editor, Rosemary Haworth, saying my star letter prize (awarded in November last year, published in mag dated Jan.) was finally being sent out that week, if not already. The date of the email was February 8th, which I reckon was 12 days ago. It's been along time waiting (14 weeks since I saw it in print), and I still I ain't got delivery. And I still haven't bought another copy of PC Advisor, let alone a subscription. May be I should get one as some form of goodwill gesture or compensation. What gives?? I thought some of the comments on this topic were just cynical, but now I think they might be right.

  Totally-braindead 23:41 20 Feb 2008

Its really pathetic and for what its worth you have my sympathy, not much point running competitions at all if the prizes are still not delivered 3 months later. It would be really frustrating and dissapointing if I had won and was treated like this.

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