Withdrawl of free 2nd line by NTL

  Newuser4171 14:22 24 Apr 2003

On 17 May 2000, I filled in a contract form for an NTL offer of installation of a cable telephone line plus an additional line free of charge. At no time was there any mention that this service would be in any way time limited. Indeed, the only mention of termination of the agreement is in connection with the none payment by me of your bills. However, I have recently received an invoice/statement relating to my telephone account on which I am now being charged the rental for two lines. Hitherto, I had only been charged for one line as the other line was free, this being the agreement when I moved to ntl. On querying this with your telephone service, I was told that the contract was only for 12 months and had been changed.

The NTL terms and conditions document states that "We will provide the service to you from the date we activate them and will continue to do so unless this Agreement is terminated as set out below." Later the document refers to terminating the agreement if thr customer fail to pay. Otherwise the only further reference to termination is in a paragraph which refers to the fact that either NTL or the customer may terminate the agreement on one month's written notice. I received no such written notice and consider that NTL have broken the terms of the contract between us. Two letter to NTL have not so far resulted in a reply.

Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so, how was it resolved?

  -pops- 15:35 24 Apr 2003

I'd get Smiffy99 on the case. I think he's here this afternoon.


  Biggles no more 15:39 24 Apr 2003

are withdrawing all sorts of benefits. When we took our telephone line it was free because we had NTL cable TV. Over a year ago they decided to charge us £5.99 a month without any warning. More recently, they have started to make a charge for itemised billing, also previously free of charge.

I regret this is all part of the dot.com problems and many firms now find themselves in difficulties and the only way they can hope to resolve them is to charge the consumer more.

Again, all part of our troubled economy, stemming from the falling stock market which affects many other areas. It can only get worse until such time as the government manages the economy properly and stops lumbering buiness with even more taxes and red tape, and businesses start properly managing and stop fiddling the accounts.

  xell 15:54 24 Apr 2003

I think ntl: are having some problems at the moment, with various parts of their service.

The ntl: broadband service imparticular was recently capped, due to the inability of the ntl: network to cope with such speeds as 1mb.

There is talk of a 2mb trial to be announced soon. Surely this will be a farce, if the infrastructure cannot cope with the bandwidth at the moment.

How do Telewest cope then?

Of course, this all comes back to ntl: and their false advertising of 'unlimited' internet. It's clearly not.

Alas - Customers pay for a service, and customers do not get that service = ntl

  Steinman 16:06 24 Apr 2003

visit ntlhellworld.com

  Steinman 16:08 24 Apr 2003

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Thats coz I'm on ntl dial-up! LOL! :-)

  Newuser4171 17:38 24 Apr 2003

The fact that NTL are in trouble does not excuse them breaking a contract.

  Newuser4171 17:38 24 Apr 2003

The fact that NTL are in trouble does not excuse them breaking a contract.

  Newuser4171 17:38 24 Apr 2003

The fact that NTL are in trouble does not excuse them breaking a contract.

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