Wireless router - easy to use and set up under 100

  tman16 18:52 27 Jan 2007


I am looking for a wireless router which easy to use and set up under £100 any suggestions please?

  PaulB2005 18:57 27 Jan 2007

Any Belkin, Linksys or Neatgear router under £100 should be easy to set up. They are all much the same to set up.

Just make sure you get the right type - Cable or ADSL?

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:41 27 Jan 2007

I'm using a BT 2110. It was easy to set up and has been completely reliable for 13 months. I believe Comet are still selling them and there may be other retailers still selling them.

  iscanut 19:55 27 Jan 2007

I have a Netgear router on my desktop plus a USB adaptor for my laptop and both in the one package cost about £60

  Jake_027 23:37 27 Jan 2007

It has 4 wired ports, wireless, ADSL support (connects to internet) and is compatible with Intel Centrino Wireless. It's also supported by AOL and you can download an installer from them that sets it all up for you. It gives excellent signal all throughout my house.
click here
to buy it. I had an excellent experience with CCL and they have competitive prices.


  Dipso 00:40 28 Jan 2007

Just to reiterate PaulB2005's post. If you have broadband over a BT line you will need an ADSL combined modem/router. If you have cable you need a cable router as the cable company supply the modem.

I wouldn't advise a Netgear modem router if you have the up to 8 Meg broadband, if a fixed 1 or 2 Meg connection it would be fine.

£100 is much more than you need to pay. You should get something for more like £50 - £60.

  iscanut 10:08 28 Jan 2007

Dipso..Why would you not advise a Netgear if you have up to 8Mbit broadband. That is what I have and my Netgear is fine at speeds of bewteen 2Mb & 6 Mb.

  Dipso 12:06 28 Jan 2007

I bought one for my 1 then 2 Meg connection and it performed fine. However, after upgrading to MaxDSL I found the noise margin reported fluctuated wildly e.g. it would be 9 then 5 seconds later 2 back up to 8 then 5 seconds later down to 3. It's necessary to keep the noise margin above 6 to hold a stable connection on Max and although it only lost sync once this bothered me. When I started to search around I found a lot of others experiencing this problem.

I replaced the Netgear with a Speedtouch 585 and this synced at the same speed but with a much more stable noise margin, currently it's 8 and no fluctuations.

The OP is free to decide but it could be a costly mistake and I thought I should tell of my experience.

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