wireless router + adsl modem

  TomMK 22:51 30 Jun 2003

Short version: Im looking for an all-in-one wireless router with built-in adsl modem, any suggestions on good models?

Long version: 5 students moving into a house in september and we need to network our computers and get broadband and internet sharing going. I use BT Openworld broadband at home and that seems to be the popular choice among us for our house. Plan A was to use a computer as an ICS host, connected the the broadband modem and a Wireless Access Point which the others feed off. see click here for the diagram.

This plan wasnt too popular though because either we'd need a separate, dedicated computer to host ICS (too expensive) or 1 of our computers would have to be left on all the time and none of us want that (too inconvienient) so Plan B was formed, a Wireless Router which connected to the modem and then wirelessly to all 5 of us. "Perfect!" we cried, until we realised the Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem is, funnily enough, USB, and not 10Base-T like the wireless router required. So now, for Plan C, we need either;

i) A wireless router that supports USB adsl modems or...
ii) A wireless router with a built-in adsl modem

or failing that, a better solution :-)



  flick 23:38 30 Jun 2003

I don't have any direct experience of a combined adsl modem and router, having bought a wireless router from dell when I bought a laptop from them recently.
I then discovered that my usb adsl modem wouldn't work with it and bought a Netgear adsl modem with the required ethernet ports.I have not been able to find a wireless router which works with a usb modem.
The two separate items cost much the same as the combined model. The modem has worked faultlessly since installation and other people I have spoken to recommend them. For the combined model see click here
I should point out however, that this is not a cheap option and you may well find that your plan A would be a good compromise. Also bear in mind that if you sign up for BT Openworld there is minimum 12 month subscription. So far the only isp I have found who do not have a minimum subscription period are Zen.
I would be glad to hear of any others and people's experience of them because I am researching the exact same scenario as TomMK for my student son and his friends. They are also looking for cheap Sky digital and cable is not available in their area.

  ajm 23:50 30 Jun 2003

Netgear DG824M. this has a wireless router/accesspoint and adsl modem built-in.

click here

1st class service from Netgear you will get if and when you encounter any problems.

Email me if you want me to get good prices for you.

  Forum Editor 23:53 30 Jun 2003

1. Wireless router that supports the Alcatel USB modem - the Draytek Vigor 2200 USB

2. Wireless router with built-in ADSL modem - The Draytek Vigor 2600

Both excellent products, easy to install and configure, and both work extremely well.

click here for more information, or to buy online.

  TomMK 23:57 30 Jun 2003

this Netgear DG824M looks just the ticket, i'll look into it some more tomorrow but for now thanks very much to flick and ajm, nice one.


  TomMK 15:12 01 Jul 2003

Neither of the draytek models you mention are wireless, just normal routers. After some extra searching though i found a model called the Vigor 2600We which is wireless and has the built adsl modem i was after. (Theres another varient called the 2600W which also has ISDN support but this doesn't apply to me). 2 things stand out though, 1 is that, at £179, this is significantly more expensive than the Netgear DG824M (but it has recieved good reviews) and secondly i dont see a WiFi certified badge anywhere, would it world with, say, Linksys or DLink pc cards? Time to go ponder some more!

Thanks for the help, keep the suggestions coming in!


  Q-Bie 17:57 01 Jul 2003

I use a D-Link DSL-604+ which I purchased from eBuyer. First unit was faulty :(, but new one arrived within a week and have had no problems, except sometimes DSL connection would drop out. However, updated the firmware to the latest version and has been running for 10 days now without a single reboot needed. Works fine with my laptop which has a Belkin PCMCIA WiFi card.

click here

  TomMK 20:40 02 Jul 2003

I take it that when the ebuyer website says "this device incorporates a built-in broadband ADSL interface" that means a built-in ADSL modem? Also, this model is a DSL-604G+, which i think must be the wireless-G version of yours. Obviously it'll be compatable with wireless-B network cards but would Q-Bie's wireless-B version be cheaper?

All the user reviews on the ebuyer website advise you to upgrade the firmware to version 18, is that easy to do because i wouldn't have a clue how to do it?

Also, does anyone think it's worth waiting for wireless-G since we have till september before we need to buy this stuff..?


  Q-Bie 20:45 03 Jul 2003

The DSL-604G+ is the same one I have.. god knows why theres a G in the model number because it is 802.11b (22 megs if you have compatible D-Link cards, but works at 11 megs with stanard 802.11b stuff)

The firmware upgrade is easy (you may notice one of the ebuyer reviews is by me!). You just login to the web interface, and theres an update firmware option. You just browse to the location of the unzipped firmware on your PC and upload it, takes about 30 seconds to do!

The latest firmware is now version 25, came out the other day..

click here+

  Q-Bie 20:46 03 Jul 2003

Thet URL doesn't work, it doesn't recognise the + on the end of it..

click here and navigate into the DSL-604+ directory, the new firmware is in there

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