wireless router

  lignum vitae 20:02 28 Jan 2007

Can anyone recommend a wireless router.my son wants to purchase one but I hesitate to recommend my net gear as it has been most unreliable.

  fitshase 08:46 29 Jan 2007

I've found Netgear's to be very reliable and their customer service is superb.

For any recommendation, we would need to know if your son is on ADSL or cable broadband as that will determine which wireless router to buy.

Also, does your son want 54mbps (802.11g) or 100mbps (pre-802.11n)?

  lignum vitae 09:12 29 Jan 2007

he is on ADSL and 54mbps

  fitshase 09:58 29 Jan 2007

I have the Netgear DG834G and have had no trouble with it for 18months of constant use (been on all day every day).

I also have a Netgear FM114P router linked up to it acting as a print server. That's been used for 5 years now with no problems (apart from the print server breaking after a power cut but Netgear sent a new one by courier).

I would recommend Netgear but a lot of people like Belkin or Linksys products. I'm used to Netgear and happy with them so I recommend them.

  iscanut 14:12 29 Jan 2007

My Netgear router works as it should and never had any problems. In addition to Belkin & Linksys, have a look at Buffalo as well.

  Dipso 15:33 29 Jan 2007

My Netgear was fine for the fixed 1 or 2 Meg products but failed miserably when I upgraded to MaxDSL.

I now have a Speedtouch 585v6 and highly recommend them.

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