Wireless networks and microwaves

  Chezdez 12:48 13 Jan 2005

tomjerry, in the post regarding what manrik should buy for his wireless network, you posted saying that microwaves cannot interfere with wireless networks. i disagree, and i now quote from CISCO CCNA 1

"In homes and offices, a device that is often overlooked as causing interference is the standard microwave oven. Leakage from a microwave of as little as 1 watt into the RF [radio frequency] spectrum can cause major network disruption"

if anyone has any further information on this, please post here


  TomJerry 13:33 13 Jan 2005

(1) if a Microwave lets big wave out, then it does not follow Europen EMC rules and hence cannot be sold in the UK

(2) a Microwavec without faults should operate at different frequency from wireless standard, there are a lot of clever experts in IEEE work on 11a, 11b and 11g standard to avoid this kind of possible problem

only real cause of concern is DEC phones which operate at similar frequency and no IEEE standard for it

  bfoc 13:50 13 Jan 2005

There is a difference between theory and practice?

So theoretically a 'leaking' microwave oven can cause problems with networks, however in reality the level of leakage would be such that said oven would need to be binned anyway.

It will be interesting to see if many reports of problems are posted, as I have said elsewhere I have installed two wireless networks and have advised two other people on installation where there were microwave ovens - no problems at all.

  sgoku 14:06 13 Jan 2005

How many people have to hand a micro wave detector that will tell them the microwave is leaking?

  Stuartli 15:52 13 Jan 2005

Not unless they are a microwave retailer/repair specialist.

The detectors have to be calibrated annually and a certificate issued to confirm their suitability for purpose.

  Chezdez 15:54 13 Jan 2005

(1) if a Microwave lets big wave out, then it does not follow Europen EMC rules and hence cannot be sold in the UK

i'm not saying that ALL microwaves will, but some may, most probably older microwaves.

all that i'm trying to say is that a microwave COULD be the cause of a network fault, and that people shouldn't rule out the possibilty.

  bfoc 16:37 13 Jan 2005

Something to bear in mind.

However I would feel that it is an easy point to sort out - network fine until microwave switched on then not working. Microwave on - network off.

And since such an oven needs replacing or major repair then putting in a wireless network will have served a useful purpose!

I don't thing anyone is saying one shouldn't bear the possibility in mind when troubleshooting a problem, just that it isn't something to worry about when deciding on wireless options.

  sgoku 18:51 13 Jan 2005

with what bfoc says, since a microwave is in the electromagnetic spectrum near the wavelength or radio and other such things, interference does occur as the different types of wave can bend/distort the wave length (soz physics Alevel)

  Charence 15:49 15 Jan 2005

There are two microwaves in our kitchen and also a Wireless CCTV which operates at the same frequency as network but my network hasn't had any problems so far!


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