Wireless Laptop Connection?

  rickimalone 18:53 29 Jun 2004

I need help to restore harmony at my mothers house, between my brother online gaming and my sisters msm messenger addiction the main family pc is becoming a bit of a point of conflict.

Luckerly my sister has been given a laptop to help resolve this and assist her in her study.
I have been given the task of setting it up so that she can use her laptop in her room with my brother on the main PC sharing the 1mb NTL modem connection that is based in the study with the main desktop.

My mother does not like the idea of wires around the house so she is willing to invest in some kind of wireless solution, which im not in the know about just to go out and buy?

The laptop is a PackardBell igo4xxx
1.5GZ P4 256DDR with the card slot on the side that pops out for I presume some kind of wireless network card?

Can anyone assist in helping me with what would be the best solution to this and how I can know whether the laptop is compatible with the solution?

Many thanks in advance.

  wee eddie 23:15 29 Jun 2004

I have already made a shopping list so that I can move to broadband with a similar set-up to the one you appear to have.

This will give me a chance to check it out

  woodt 00:07 30 Jun 2004

Every thing you need can be found here click here

Very helpful people and v good prices. Give them a ring

  woodt 00:12 30 Jun 2004

For some reason the link didnt work properly but just click on the 'Networking Store' in the left hand column for the tel. no.

Basically all you need is a Wireless Router and a PC card for your laptop, but they will be able to explain better than me.

Give them a ring.

  TomJerry 01:16 30 Jun 2004

You need one Wireless Access Point/Router which come between NTL box and main PC and one wireless card for laptop, all can be bought from broadbandbuyer click here.

For example D-Link DI-514 11Mbps Broadband Wireless Router 43 pounds click here D-Link DWL-610 11Mbps Wireless Cardbus Adapter 19 pound click here

Total 62 pounds

Better use all products from the same maker, D-Link is good (I am using one). For setup, follow the instruction down to the last letter. You may need to phone NTL tech support to transfer link from PC's MAC to Router's MAC because cable internet normally lock to a particular MAC address when it first start up.

You can download manuals from D-Link's web site to look if it is products for you.

It is easy to set up, maybe take 20 minutes if you read manual.

  davidg_richmond 08:04 30 Jun 2004

in addition to what TomJerry said please check if the cable modem connects to your pc thru ethernet (like a fat modem lead connection) or thru USB as a USB modem will not connect to the router.

If it does use USB then you will need to go a slightly different route, add a wireless PCI card or wireless USB adapter to your desktop instead of using the router, but that will mean the desktop has to be switched on to share its connection.

  byfordr 09:57 30 Jun 2004
  rickimalone 16:58 30 Jun 2004

thanks to all for imput,
All im trying to acheive is shared us of the bb connection from an NTL modem connected to the main desktop, so that the laptop can also be on at the same time in the upstairs bedroom at the same time.

If I have understood correctly then I have chosen this product:click here

Please could someone let me know if this is all I need to buy and will it work with what I have?

  TomJerry 15:18 02 Jul 2004

The one you mentioned is for adsl BB not cable BB.

I suggest you read my post above again.

Can you also check what connection of NTL modem to PC, Network (Lan, Ethernet) or usb?

  nick_j007 18:07 02 Jul 2004

Is there a drop in speed worth noting when going wireless?

And(!) What sort of range do they have please? Will it be good through a converted barns walls etc?

Many thanks,


I've got that wireless feeling!

  nick_j007 21:02 02 Jul 2004

polite bump

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