Wireless Headphones

  Coffee Adict 19:56 16 Jul 2008

Does anyone have any experience of these, they all look rather bulky, but its difficult to judge from a picture.

This is what I had in mind.

click here

  nosharpe 20:24 16 Jul 2008

I use wireless headphones and think they're great.
Light in weight too and mine (Sony) charge in their cradle.

Sennheiser are a very good make.

  Joe R 21:57 16 Jul 2008

Coffee Adict,

I have used Sennheiser wireless headphones for a few years now, and have no qualms in recommending them to anyone. They are quite bulky, but very comfortable when on.

These ones are a step up, from the ones you have linked to, and are slightly cheaper. click here

  jack 08:55 17 Jul 2008

Wife and I have a hearing conflict meaning the TV is never the right volume for both of us.
Answer wireless headphone each.
I purchased two sets of Weltech at Lidle last November. One Base station remains in the box as a spare- and both phones operate from the one station[I have tried experimentally] hhaveing the 'spare wet up to the audio system and tunded to another channel -yup it worked Shwe watch E/E whilst I turned my swivel to the window and listend to Classic FM
They cost £1899 per set I seem to Recall

Now can you buy direct from Welltech I wonder?
As lidle do not stock much- they just buy and sell on a when its gone its gone basis.
The phones have turned up annually near Christmas[There is a surprise]
Here is Weltech addy if you are interested

click here

  sunny staines 13:37 17 Jul 2008

I too use Sennheiser but after a few years the recharge does not last too long otherwise very good. prior to that tried sony but after 3 sets gave up due to poor signal/reception.

  smartpoly 14:43 17 Jul 2008

I also use wireless headphones and recomend them, you get used to having them on, a bit like when you first wear glasses, they are a god send when doing house work, moving around from room to room with good cd makes the work go faster.

  laurie53 19:32 17 Jul 2008

Don't wish to hi-jack the thread, but I tried wireless headphones several times a few years ago (different makes) but all suffered from background hiss.

Can current users confirm this has been ironed out?

  sunny staines 19:37 17 Jul 2008

laurie53 had that with sony ones apparently down to metal pipes and radiators in the room according to sony, Sennheiser work perfectly with good sound.

  jack 19:56 17 Jul 2008

Around you I guess.
Background his can be local interference from a similar device.
Does the model you have the opportunity to select different channels for example?

  Coffee Adict 21:13 17 Jul 2008

laurie53 - I don't mind you hijacking this thread, all information is useful.

I have been reading various reviews, although some are quite old and hiss is mentioned even on the Sennheisers by some people. One thing that was mentioned a couple of times was the loose fit of the Sennheisers, now contary to popular belief I do not have a large head I wonder if this may be a problem.

  Joe R 22:26 17 Jul 2008

Coffee Adict,

the band is adjustable, and I (having a normal size head, I hope!), always found them to have a good grip, while being comfortable.

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