wireless connections. which way?

  L plate marky 13:41 24 Oct 2005

Hi all,

Looking some advice or pointed in the right direction.

My mum has a pc at the rear of her house and the phone scoket at the front. She has bought a Dell pc and looking linked up to broadband.

The distance between phone and pc is considerable (prob 20m around the skirtings/doors), too long for a single cable to a modem, and (according to BT) too long for another single phone socket to be installed! (BT say she will need 2 new sockets, one to go half way and another at the pc)

I'm thinking up trying to set up wireless. Any tips on a step by step guide as to how it works (ie do you need a router and a "receiver" or do they come as one package. and should I:

1: go for an Isp package which sells wireless like Wannadoo or BT?
2: need an isp provider first on dial up?
3: find out which router has the best signal stength?

Thanks for reading this, I'll get back later.

  L plate marky 20:14 24 Oct 2005



  Tim1964 00:40 25 Oct 2005

click here

It should be just what you're after, not a bad price either.

Good luck.

  Jdoki 12:24 26 Oct 2005

Wireless is pretty straightforward, I recently set up a wireless network linking to our ADSL connection, and was suprised how easy it was.

If you are going for ADSL you'll need a wireless ADSL modem and your PC will need a wireless network card installed. You can often get packs which have one PCI card and a modem.

I use a D-Link 604T router (if I remember correctly), and various D-Link PCI and PCMCIA cards.

It was a snap to set up, but if you read around the forums a few people have issues with D-Link hardware - so if you are a novice then Linksys or NetGear might be better. I went for D-Link as I have used their stuff before, and it was the device recommended by my ISP.

I would recommend doing a bit of research to ensure that the devices you buy can use the WPA security standard rather than WEP. WPA provides far better security.

I would also recommend you buy a better antenna as well for each device. The standard ones that come with wireless devices are usually fairly weedy, and for a better signal you'll need a 5dbi antenna at least.

The one thing you need to bear in mind is that it makes life a lot easier if you have a wired connection between the PC and modem the first time you set it up. So you may need to set up the PC nearer the modem to get things up and running to begin with.

  sattman 12:32 26 Oct 2005

I would go for the fixed point, the wire less option is fine if you really have a problem or want to be fully mobile ie a laptop. But it is not as secure or really as totally reliable as a fixed connection in my opinion. Two socket option from BT should not be too expensive and it gives you more flexible use of the phone.

  mikev 12:42 26 Oct 2005

I have the WAnadoo broadband wireless pack connected, have used the receiver in 1 computer and bought a Belkin card for another one, everything works fine took a while to set up properley though, sender did not recognise card at first much easier than wired connection also you cant get power surges into the computer through the phone line.

  L plate marky 13:53 26 Oct 2005

Thanks for the help folks.

Much appreciated

  PRS 16:16 26 Oct 2005

BT sell a 20m telephone extension lead, so I do not know why they are so pessimistic!

  Jdoki 17:17 26 Oct 2005

If you are planning on fast paced online gaming then wireless may not be the best bet, and in that case I'd agree with Sattman. But for general use, and games not so sensitive to latency then wireless is fine. I often play Battlefield 2, but have to make sure I have a good signal to get low pings to play.

PRS has a good point... a 20m phone cable extension is fairly cheap compared with a full on wireless set up, and I fail to see how putting a socket half way between modem and PC, then another at the PC is any different from running one long cable from the original socket - it's not as if the middle socket would act as some sort of 'repeater'.

However for a wired solution I would be inclined to leave the modem near the original phone socket and run ethernet cabling between the modem and PC - Maplin will do you a 20m+ cable. The only thing you would need to ensure is that your ISP can supply a modem with at least one RJ45/ethernet socket, as most only have a USB from my experience. By the way, ethernet can run up to 100m before there's any issue about signal integrity - so would be fine for your purposes.

  Danoh 01:53 27 Oct 2005

If you do want to go the wireless route and have temporary use of a laptop with wireless capability and a wireless router, you can check out the strength of wireless reception where you want to site the computer by downloading and installing the netstumbler program click here onto the laptop and use it as a portable scanner device.

  Taff36 08:36 27 Oct 2005

D-Link bundle click here Router mentioned above with a USB adapter (Worth £30 if bought seperately) - Collect from store option saves you £10. Simply follow the "add to basket" link and reserve it at your local store.

The router works fine but the set up instructions aren`t the best.

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