To wire or not wire .....

  Fillymouskwitz 13:31 21 Jan 2005

Dear All

I have just had BT Yahoo Broadband 1mb service activated ta my home and wanted a little advice if you had the time.

I have an X Box and a PC and would like to connect both to the broadband. The X Box is located pretty much next to the phone line so connection should be fairly simple (he says !). However the PC is located quite a distance away so I was looking into possible wireless solutions. For a complete dullarrd, what would you reccomend for me to connect the PC to broadband (as well as Xbox) ?



  LeadingMNMs 14:31 21 Jan 2005

The best thing to do would be to get a wireless router with in built modem and a least a single ethernet port. Then all you need to do is connect the XP via ethernet (I assume, have no idea how it connects) and install a wireless card in the PC.

  bfoc 15:39 21 Jan 2005

A wireless router which has one ethernet port and it works well, I have my main machine 'wired' (the wire was already there from when I had broadband installed) and then others in the house use wireless.

I have also installed various wireless routers which have had upto 4 ethernet ports and they have all worked fine.

It can sometimes take a little while to set up at first, but the two helplines I have had to use (Actiontec and Kcorp) were excellent.

Once set up they work fine, the most I have had to do on one is reset the router from time time by switching it off and on!

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