Windows XP SP OEM or Retail ?

  setecio 10:54 03 Oct 2009

What are the licencing conditions for XP SP3 OEM ?
Can a consumer just buy it and install it on any one machine ? If not, where can I buy a retial version of XP SP3 as I can't seem to find one for sale ?

  lofty29 12:27 03 Oct 2009

You do noy say whether you mean the complete operating system or only sp3,if you mean the complete syteme they as far as I know xp retail is no longer available, and oem can only be used on one machine, sp3 you should be able to download from MS.

  setecio 12:44 03 Oct 2009

Yes it is the complete operating system (the service pack itself is free to download)

I thought that OEM products could only be bought by system builders or with some tie in to new hardware.

But this OEM SP3 is the one to buy then ?

  GaT7 16:07 03 Oct 2009

Yes, the OEM SP3 version will be fine in all respects. One doesn't have to be a system builder to buy it either.

The main 'downside' is that it cannot be uninstalled from one PC & installed on another (unlike the retail version which can).

This article click here talks about Vista OEM, but the same applies to XP. G

  961 16:31 03 Oct 2009

If you are building (or buying a computer without an operating system) you can buy and install a copy of windows xp oem

That copy of windows is tied to that computer and can't be moved to another. If the computer or its motherboard dies, so does that copy of Windows

You probably won't find a retail copy of windows xp now, as it was superceded by windows Vista some time ago

Vista is reckoned to be not the best operating system around

However, the next system of windows, windows 7 is to be sold from October 22nd. Much better than Vista and available from folk like Amazon for around £65 if you trawl the net. And that copy is retail, able to be loaded onto one computer and then transferred to another if the first one dies. Must only be used on one computer at any time. Much better buy if you can wait a couple of weeks

  GaT7 16:52 03 Oct 2009

"That copy of windows is tied to that computer and can't be moved to another. If the computer or its motherboard dies, so does that copy of Windows"

Technically speaking yes, but Microsoft realises that hardware can fail & does make allowances. I've had to change my motherboard twice in the last 3-4 years & successfully re-activated XP OEM by calling them.

All the necessary details concerning OEM licences are mentioned in the article I linked to.

The Win7 suggestion is a good one. But if setecio is going to install it on older hardware (e.g. single-core CPU) with 1Gb or less RAM, I would advice against it. It can be a bit sluggish with older hardware compared to XP.

Btw, XP Home OEM is just under £65 at eBuyer click here. G

  961 17:25 03 Oct 2009

Agree with all that

Except I wouldn't buy xp now simply because the security support won't last forever. W7 retail is on offer now for not much more than xp oem and much less than it will cost next year

If the computer won't support w7 it may be time to think of a new one

Remember the box shifters will be selling new desktops around the £350 mark including w7 by Christmas. That's around £290 for a new computer

I can't build one for that. Can you?

  GaT7 18:00 03 Oct 2009

Well, I guess each person's needs & budgets are different. Spending £65 (for the OS only) will sound a lot better to someone with basic needs & a low budget, compared to £350 for a whole new system they don't really need.

The £350 PC compared to a self-build one will depend on the spec. With prices of components these days being relatively low, it doesn't cost much more to build one's own with the same components, or even better quality branded ones with greater warranties - retail CPUs, some motherboards (e.g. Asus/Gigabyte) & hard drives carry a 3-year warranty as standard. G

  setecio 19:26 03 Oct 2009


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