Windows XP new licences.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:18 13 Dec 2005

A hypothetical question.

If I bought myself an OEM copy of Windows XP Home for a new build and sometime in the future decided it was time to build new again, would I be able to obtain a new licence for that copy of Windows to use on that new build? Or would I have no option but to buy a new package with a new cd? Surely it would be better if I could buy a new licence,as the original cd can not be sold on to another user with it's old licence, so, if I could not buy a new licence, I would have to keep it alongside the new one, or dispose of it. Either way a waste.

  polish 19:30 13 Dec 2005

about 15 mths ago i rebuilt my computer that came with a oem copy of windows and had no problems other than having to phone microsoft to obtain a new key changed mobo and grahics card

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:44 13 Dec 2005

Unfortunately that is not the same as my hypothetical situation, you only upgraded, you didn't build an all new pc. The rules might be different.

  J B 20:29 13 Dec 2005

Mr Mistoffelees;
Check out Issue 126 (January 06) of PCA page 34. In the article written by Peter Thomas in which he says that the rules have changed for OEM's. The way I read it, you would have to buy a commerical copy of XP Home or depending how far into the future you go Windows Vista. Apparantly people were abusing the OEM system so Microsoft decided to change the rules. Hope this helps. J.B.

  Totally-braindead 22:36 13 Dec 2005

As I am given to understand it you do need to buy a full copy of XP according to Microsofts new rules ,however, a lot of the manufacturers are still supplying XP OEM and as long as it is installed on a new PC, not an upgraded one it will be ok. You can also read the FEs BLOG on the subject on this site.

  Forum Editor 08:12 14 Dec 2005

and my blog may help you in understanding the changes made by Microsoft, but in general terms you'll find that you will need to buy a new OEM copy of Windows XP.

When you buy a copy of Windows XP it's really the licence you pay for - the actual CD costs very little to produce - so if you look at it that way you are buying a new licence.

  DieSse 17:37 14 Dec 2005

You can sell the old PC including the copy of Windows installed on it - as long as you include all the documentation and the CD and the licence key that came with it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:25 14 Dec 2005

Presumably the major part of the price charged for Windows is to fund the, ongoing, development of the OS.

I actually have a full version of Windows XP Home and my usual way is to do a biennial upgrade of my pc. Activation has not, so far, been a problem.

I asked the question as I have seen online, while browsing for the parts for my most recent system upgrade, that there is no shortage of OEM versions of Windows XP that appear to be available to anyhone who wants one, regardless of the legal position.

  DieSse 22:35 14 Dec 2005

If you have the retail version of any WinXP - you may legally trsfer it from system to system as you wish - a long as it is only ever on one system.

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