Windows XP DirectX 10

  Gamer555 19:26 21 Oct 2007

I am about to get a new PC for gaming but don't want Vista as i've heard to many bad reports about it for gaming. Will I get the full benifit of a DX10 graphics card (Nvidia 8800gts) without Vista, which the card is meant for supposingly.

So my question in simpler terms... Will the graphics card run as DX10 in XP or do i have to have Vista for it to be DX10?

If that makes any sense to anyone! lol

  Totally-braindead 20:19 21 Oct 2007

Direct X 10 is Vista only.

  wolfie3000 23:47 21 Oct 2007

As TB said Dx10 is Vista only.

an 8800 will work great on xp, i've tried mine on both i don't believe they have made a dx 10 game any grx card can run very well, which is why the 6900 and dx 10.1 are coming out. vista and games are IMHO a long way down the line, all vista only games run better on xp and a lot of writers seem to be swinging back to xp. it will run all games nut not the dx10 extras (if they ever come out) dx 9c is xp's limit atm.
software companies will write software for the masses and atm the gamer masses are hanging on to xp.

  m0ng00se132 11:15 22 Oct 2007

plus, performance with a single DX10 card in high detail, for example world in conflict is awful....
so then you put down settings in the menu so its in DX10 and runs well, then it looks worse than DX9

  donki 13:39 22 Oct 2007

I have COH and World in conflict running on full detail on DX10 with a 4200 dual core processor running on full?? No problems at all and I have a single 8800gts 640. I like DX10, effect and lighting looks far better than DX9. Y do you think u need 2 cards? SLI imo was a wasted idea as your game needs to be optimized for it, very few are.

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