Windows XP Activation

  User-6D0103DC-35F8-4273-9A3E85BCC9B8890A 13:22 20 Feb 2005

A few days ago I had to build a computer for a customer very quickly.Because of this,I went to a small local dealer instead of through my trade acount for a copy of Windows XP O.E.M. The brown box had been opened,but all seemed in order.Having installed XP,when I cam to activate it,a message appeared saying as it had been activated more than 25 times,and I would need to ring Microsoft which I did. A very charming young lady did not ask any questions, but gave me a new code to enter which worked a treat - well done Microsoft.
I now have a dilema.The suspicion is that the dealer has used this disc on 25 plus computers he has sold, either setting it up on a hidden partition,or on a recovery disc.My client has the original disc and his case has the COA sticker on it. What if he,or some of the other 25 want to re-activate this copy of windows.Will they have to again ring Microsoft; which,as my client is computer literate, will get him wondering what I am up to. There may,of course be a perfectly innocent explanation; if not should I inform Microsoft?
I might add that Microsoft acted in an exemplary way, and in return I am happy to help them fight illegal/pirated software.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:12 20 Feb 2005

I think you should advise Microsoft of your concerns as it does seem very likely that the dealer is acting illegally and ripping off not just Microsoft, but also his customers.

  pk470 15:13 20 Feb 2005

Just choose to activate over the phone it is easy todo and no other info is sort other than the first six numbers that will show on your screen
these numbers have nothing todo with what came with your OS.

I think you have misunderstood my concerns.The brand new windows XP disc appears to have been used on 25 other computers before being sold to me.The method of activation is irrelevant;I HAD to telephone Microsoft, or am I missing the point you are trying to make.

  Totally-braindead 15:41 20 Feb 2005

If I bought what I thought was a new unregistered copy of XP and found out someone else had used it I'd contact Microsoft and leave it to them to resolve the issue. Your client has the original disk so I would ask Microsoft about this and see what they say. If a year or so down the line your client needs to reinstall from the XP disk and can't because Microsoft won't allow it he wouldn't be happy. Perhaps Microsoft will allow you to swop your original copy of Microsoft OEM for another new one to stop your client having problems in the future.

  freaky 15:42 20 Feb 2005

I think it is your duty to inform Microsoft, it is in your interests to do so and for any other users who have copies in use.

If the piracy of Microsoft and other Software suppliers could be reduced, then we would all benefit by lower prices!

  Totally-braindead 15:52 20 Feb 2005

Don't agree with it being your duty to inform Microsoft but it is in your own best interest as well as your client, nothing is as important as reputation and if you get the reputation for selling software which isn't ok then you'll lose clients, not a good thing. Don't want to get this thread off on a tangent but I totally disagree that we would get software at cheaper prices if the pirates were stopped, all that would happen is the creators of the software would make more money, and after all they're the ones who spent all the time creating the software in the first instance.

  josie mayhem 17:11 20 Feb 2005

The end of last year, I had the very same problem. But in my case the box was sealed and brought from a large company. So there was no way that this was either a pirate copy or had been use on another computer.

At first everytime (having problems with new build) I would have to phone for activation but it now seems to be quite happy to activate over the net.

I assum that because you spoke to microsoft customer services to get the copy to activated, that microsoft is happy it's a legit copy.

  Magik ®© 17:23 20 Feb 2005

what did the shop say about it....

  sidecar sid 19:47 20 Feb 2005

I think your first port of call should be the dealer you purchased from.Calmly and politely explain what happened and see what response you get.

  PA28 20:30 20 Feb 2005

Just how was the dealer able to give you a COA which you have attached to your client's computer if the version had been activated 25 times. Surely the software is the same on each disk, it's only the Product Code (which is printed on the COA label) which differs? Or are you thinking that the dealer was in the habit of using that Code, and may still be for all you and your client knows.

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