Windows XP for 64 bit computers???

  lucozade9 16:19 31 Oct 2004

i am interested in an amd athlon 64 computer however i have heard there is a new version of windows xp designed specially for 64 bit computers.

so i would like to know when it is due for release and is it worth me waiting till it comes out before i purchase the pc i am interested in?

  fitfella29 17:16 31 Oct 2004

not sure when its due out but xp is more than capable of running 64bit processors.

  bremner 17:26 31 Oct 2004

You can get a beta version of the Windows 64 O/S that will run for 360 days. click here

However you may experience difficulties with drivers as their are not that many out there yet.

I have a machine running very well on this O/S and have found it stable and very good at running memory intesive operations.

  lucozade9 19:15 31 Oct 2004

what is a beta version??

  sean-278262 12:52 01 Nov 2004

Beta is when they are still testing to get all the bugs out of the programme. Its the full product, just before it is set for consumer release and they have finished tweeking it to get it just right.

  Urotsukidoji 15:54 01 Nov 2004

i would agree with you except... microsoft are still beta testing xp


if you want a fully coherent 64bit o/s then wait for a couple of years for the new windows currently codenamed longhorn, should be out 2005/2006 ish.



and then you can have fun with drivers, bugs and everything else that comes with a new platform

or just use xp

it works

  bremner 17:29 01 Nov 2004

You will not have to wait for Longhorn.

XP 64 is suppoesed to be released towards the end of this year or early next its full non beta version.

  sean-278262 17:44 01 Nov 2004

Noun 1. beta software - pre-release software that has received an alpha test but still has more bugs than a regular release; "beta software is usually available only to particular users who will test it.

I think my explaination was fairly close to the definition of the word.

In truth all software is beta until a the producer of that software ceases to develop it. So you are correct Urotsukidoji, but XP ceases to be in "beta" once it has been publically released, which tends to be the general concencus on the matter of beta software.

Also I'm wrong to, as all the bugs can never be removed from a piece of software, as now with most software it is just so huge it would be impossible.

  throwitoutthewindow 21:22 01 Nov 2004

I worked in development (not comuters) and in general an alpha test is when you test something within your own company. A beta test is with real customers, and when after ffednack and tweaks that test version works you launch.
A beta version is usually offered free or at a reduced price (as it is not guaranteed to work), and does not have the usual support around it, as the company is still developing and customers accept the risk. However, with Microsoft there may not be much difference between a beta and launched version i.e. both may not work and if they don't hard luck you do not have any commerical recompense for a "not fit for purpose" product and wanting your money back. Personally I mam amzed Microsoft get away with such a shoddy product - would you accept a car that broke down daily? Ok I know software is complex but so is na eroplane and they do not crash daily.

  CurlyWhirly 21:34 01 Nov 2004

Personally I am amazed Microsoft get away with such a shoddy product - would you accept a car that broke down daily? Ok I know software is complex but so is an aeroplane and they do not crash daily.

I am afraid I have to disagree with you as I have been running XP for over 2 years and it is WITHOUT doubt the best operating system that Microsoft have EVER produced IMHO.
It is so stable and over the last 2 years I have ONLY seen a 'Blue Screen Of Death' a few times and mainly caused by faulty drivers not digitally signed.
So I just reboot in safe mode and 'Roll back the driver'.

  sean-278262 22:42 01 Nov 2004

I personally find xp very cumbersome and sluggish.

On the subjest of aeroplanes they dont crash but do break down, and more often than any computer.

Microsoft "get away with it" because they are so big that they can afford to pay off anyone that fights them.

Personally I dream of the day apple turns its sights on the rest of the world releasing its OS like it releases iTunes to windows users. If they did, sign me up to convert.

Apples computers are efficient, quick, well developed and most of all they listen to their customers. Microsoft tries to second guess what we want and often get it wrong. How many people turned to Xp and found they had to spend ages setting it up like they where used to (add a my computer icon to desktop etc) all these things if people didnt want them they would turn off. PCA had an article of programmes that where not activated by default most are very useful, why do we have to activate them.

Of course Apples have their problems, look at the iPod and you can see why. Everyone has one and to be truthful they are nothing compared to their counterparts from supposedly "lesser" manufacturers.

Finally look at Longhorn microsoft moved developers off long horn to xp sp2 and what happens later, gates is so obsessed with making money that instead of pushing back the release date of longhorn that he just shruggs his shoulders and says lets not include all the features...basically meaning lets make longhorn (missing loads that we promised them) and a few months later longhorn 2 and fleece em for all they have. If microsoft started to look at customers maybe they could realise something??? forget making a new OS every 2 years give us a working one. OK there will never be a flawless OS but make it so its right for users.

In truth I feel we have discussed the Beta subject enough at this point. so Nite nite


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