Windows Vista pricing

  stylehurst 14:12 21 Dec 2006

Based on a news item on today's PCA site, it would appear that UK consumers are being ripped off once more when it comes to pricing of American imports. What is not clear from the article is who is making the massive profit, is it Microsoft, or is it the importers? Prospective users of this new operating system, have a choice, they can either pay these exorbitant rip-off prices, or they can stay with windows XP. Perhaps, if they adopt the latter course the importers will be forced to reduce their prices or be left with massive stocks on their hands. Personally, I hope that UK users will adopt the latter course.

i reacon after all the bugs are ironed out and everyone wonders what the hell they bought it for the price will drop like a brick, funny how everything in this country is vastly overpriced, my neibour just saved 5 grade (after shipping!!) buying a car made in SOLIHULL!!! somethings not right somewhere, thats for sure

thats 5 grand as in £5000, not grade!

  Sic 16:27 21 Dec 2006

Prices will rise as high as the market will bear, so lets hope UK consumers show some intelligence so that they pay a fair price, and the retailers and microsoft make a fair profit.

  anskyber 16:48 21 Dec 2006

I agree.

  amonra 17:13 21 Dec 2006

And they wonder why the pirates flourish ???

  anchor 17:29 21 Dec 2006

I, for one, will not be forking out £150 to upgrade to Vista. My XP installation is working fine, and I see no reason to pay the best part of 2 weeks of my retirement pension to Mr Gates.

On top of that, I could not be sure that all my software and peripherals will continue working. No thanks!. When the time comes, and I buy a new computer, then I assume it will come with Vista.

  961 19:10 21 Dec 2006

As a Microsoft customer over 15 years I am totally unimpressed by how the company is treating its UK customers

They hide behind "we don't set the prices, the retailers do"

I won't be going Vista any time soon

  Severn Bore 19:20 21 Dec 2006

So Much for our much vaunted "special relationship" with the US.

  The Brigadier 19:30 21 Dec 2006

They hide behind "we don't set the prices, the retailers do" & "So Much for our much vaunted "special relationship" with the US". Those in the Linux community must be rubbing their hands in glee, i for one will be migrating to Linux in the new year, as will my business saving me ££££.

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