Windows Live Onecare

  Newuser38 20:34 05 Apr 2006

I have just received from Microsoft the offer of a special one year subscription for this product at $19.95 covering 3 computers, provided I sign up by 30 April. (normal price will be $49.95)

I have not tested the Beta version to my own satisfaction for 2 reasons
1).I had just purchased my annual sub from Norton and the Norton programs all conflict with Live OneCare.
2). One of my pc's runs 2000 Professional not XP and Live One Care will not run with 2000Pro.

I know some of my fellow oldstagers (*length of membership of the Forum not just personal age) are very anti Norton, but I would be grateful of the views of those who have tested the Beta of Live OneCare, does it work, is it worth the money. My Norton subscriptions run out in the Autumn, and I still have the problem with the 2000pro machine. But any comments would help me make a decision. I guess at the full price it is still cheaper than my current Norton subscription.

  J B 10:49 06 Apr 2006

Have a look at click here It may or may not help you but is has some interesting comments from the forum editor. I too have been thinking about One Care, however to date it doesn't have e-mail scanning yet and it is my understanding that they (MS) are still thinking about putting a registry cleaner in the package. With all that said, if they do get it right it will be a very good package indeed. One more thing, in order to get the paid for software you have to have an American MS net passport number, as it will only be released in the USA to those who have that number. Hope this helps a little. J.B.

  Newuser38 12:01 06 Apr 2006

Thanks I knew there had been a previous thread, and never thought to look in 'My Postings'. It looks as though not many others have given it a try, and your comments on e-mail are very relevant.

Microsoft are trying to persuade me to download and try the beta again now, if I have not done, so that I can meet the end of April date for the special deal.

I thought the deal would be US first but they are mailing me at my UK address with the offer. Wonder if my passport is a US one .

Thanks again I will leave the thread open for a little while in case.

  Newuser38 19:17 06 Apr 2006


  sunny staines 19:39 06 Apr 2006

I did not get the email. But thinking of moving from norton to one care if it proves to be a better product.

  ade.h 20:00 06 Apr 2006

I hope that it will include rootkit scanning, like NOD32, and ADS scanning, but I haven't as yet seen anything to comfirm or deny this. Still, it's early days as far as the UK is concerned. It will have to do something really quite special to outdo my current picks, so I may not bother with it at all.

If it encourages Joe Newbie to adopt security software, while providing a better alternative to Norton and McAfee (not difficult, ahem) for those who don't know what else is available, then that will be a good thing.

Bit of a shame that the price is slightly more than the US rates for NOD32 and Kerio combined. I think that it could - if MS stays with that - be pitched a little too high for the average user.

  J B 20:06 06 Apr 2006

As far as price goes I really don't care, just as long as the product does what it says it does on the tin. IMHO,until they put in e-mail scanning I will stay away from it. For the price you would think that they are at least looking at it. Maybe they are,although I haven't seen anything on it as of late. As far as the passport goes me thinks that I have a USA one so that won't be a problem as far as I can see. Looks like you already have one. Allthat said, if the e-mail is sorted out I will ditch NAV and go with One Care, we will see. J.B.

  Newuser38 20:35 06 Apr 2006

Thanks for comments in case anyone has not seen the info and would like it this is the message from Microsoft

"A special thank you for Windows Live™ OneCare™ beta participants
We just can't thank you enough for participating in the Microsoft® Windows Live™ OneCare™ beta program. Your feedback helped us identify and add two very important OneCare service features: antispyware and backup to external hard drive.

Special $19.95 pricing
In appreciation of your support, we'd like to offer you a special one-year subscription to the service for $19.95 - each one-year subscription covers up to three computers. This offer expires April 30, 2006, so please act quickly. Just click on the "Purchase Now" button in the OneCare main window.

Share it with friends and family
There's still time to share the OneCare beta with friends and family. If they sign up for the beta, they'll also be eligible for the special $19.95 service subscription in April. There's more info on the OneCare website click here. For those who need no more convincing and are ready to sign up, you can direct them to the OneCare beta sign-up.


Your Windows Live OneCare beta team "

  Ticketyboo 22:15 06 Apr 2006

I have received the same e-mail from MS re onecare, seems strange.

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