Windows Advisor Book by Stefan Johnson!

  spuds 12:42 05 Feb 2007

On a regular basis I keep getting an offer of what I would possibly class in the first instant junk mail, and I am now wondering if any forum members have subscribed to this service. If so, what are your views, is it junk mail or an informative solution to resolving XP and possibly Vista problems.

The 618 page book Windows Advisor(£14.97) is compiled and edited by Stefan Johnson, who according to the literature "is one of today's leading experts on Windows. His knowledge is legendary. He bears the title of Mr 100% Windows, with some justification".The distribution is provided by Agora Business Publications, Skipton, Yorkshire.

Attached to the offer is an helpline, updates and other incentives, including a 'free' cd. Looking at the contents of the cd, it would appear as though some of the items could be easily obtained freeware ie SpyBot.AVG.

There is a sample 'booklet' supplied with the offer, which covers some of the items in the main book. This seems very informative as to how to resolve Windows problems.Simple and straight to the point layout.

Perhaps I am being a little naive or suspicious, so further comments would be appreciated.

  Kate B 13:14 05 Feb 2007

Well, I can't find anything about such an expert via Google, so although he might be knowledgeable I suspect the claim that he's "one of today's leading experts" is hyperbole.

Completely up to you if you want to part with fifteen of your hard-earned pounds, but personally I'd stick with the free and excellent help you'll find here and elsewhere on the web. If you want a book, I like the For Dummies series and there are a couple of titles to choose from on Vista click here

  Newuser38 14:03 05 Feb 2007

I get it and recycle it. The publisher listed Victoria Burrill also used to publish PC Knowledge for Seniors. To me the catch is that if you spend the £14.97 you are also signing up for the upgrade sheets at 15p a time although they can be sent back! Stefan Johnson is also identified as Managing Editor of The Windows Advisor.

  Zeppelyn 21:33 05 Feb 2007

I did this sometime ago and frankly its not worth the money, you end up subscribing to updates at two month internals to build up a sort of encylopaedia. Each update is £14.97 and you dont learn anything more than you would here or the mag or by googling even. I cancelled after 3 updates.

  spuds 22:21 05 Feb 2007

Thanks everyone for the input. Will now tick as resolved.

  €dstowe 22:22 05 Feb 2007

On earlier, similar, publications some of the advice and recommendations given has been incorrect and possibly dangerous to your machine e.g. stating that it is quite in order to hot-plug serial and parallel ports, as is done with USB.

(It is most definitely NOT wise to do this and you could easily wrecK the motherboard by doing so.)

If you do go ahead and buy, be very careful in carrying out any recommendations it offers.

  Forum Editor 23:01 05 Feb 2007

"Mr 100% Windows" wouldn't have time to write a book and flog it via junk-mail.

  terryf 01:16 06 Feb 2007

Fill up the reply envelope with some of the junk but remember to remove your name and scribble over the bar code send without a stamp but put at the top of the envelope 'addressee to pay postage' :-)

  Forum Editor 07:01 06 Feb 2007

That's not very helpful is it? It just adds to the problem. If you don't want junk mail then bin it, don't play silly games with the postal service.

  spuds 10:44 06 Feb 2007

Why should I want to do that?.

I was not complaining about junk mail, because I know how to handle that, if need be. My post was about the 'offer' and whether anyone had possibly subscribed and used the service.

Just requesting information, and perhaps passing on information within the forum for other to see, and perhaps acknowledge or consider!.

I would also mention, that there are a number of knowledgeable forum members like the Forum Editor, who may have known or heard about Mr 100% Windows- Stefan Johnson (Apparently not) :O)

  Newuser38 11:36 09 Feb 2007

PCA bounced on the door mat today and included in a white envelope Windows Advisor 'junk mail type' marketing material. No mention of Mt Johnson the blurb is signed by someone designated Hotelier and Director.

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