Windows Activation

  mosie 10:56 23 Oct 2005

My Dell PC is out of warrenty and when the hard disk and motherboard failed I replaced at my own expense from the local PC shop. I reinstalled windows from a copy that Dell had provided and used the key stuck on the side of the box. Windows installed ok but when it came to be activated it refused the cd key. I contacted Dell and Microsoft. Dell took no responsiblity as it was a Windows problem and out of warrenty and microsoft said the cd key was tied to that computer and could nothing. Where do I stand? Do I need to buy another copy of windows?

  DieSse 11:04 23 Oct 2005

"Do I need to buy another copy of windows?"

Basically yes if no-one will help you.

Dell, and other large players, buy Windows at very low price, but with restrictions on what you can do in the case of disasters like you've had.

This means that you buy their systems at a lower price, but to some extent you're mortgaging your future. It's just a pity that this is not made crystal clear when you buy such a system.

  PaulB2005 12:00 23 Oct 2005

You have an OEM copy of Windows. This means your support ends with Dell and Microsoft won't support your copy. This enabled Dell to sell you Windows cheaper too.

However as your support package has ended you are now no-mans land. Neither Dell or MS will support you.

Buy a new copy of Windows XP OEM for £65 plus P&P (click here Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - OEM (OS-001-MS) ) and use that instead.

When you need support you know where we are!

  banickn 14:17 23 Oct 2005


I had the same problem like you a while ago.
I bought a notebook at click here when I reinstalled Windows a year later the problems started.
I called Microsoft, and I got a new registration code and it worked.

  [email protected] 23:17 23 Oct 2005

My OEM Windows XP that I got with my DELL computer several years ago now has been installed again and again while continously upgrading my comupter. The machine it is running on right now does not have a single component from the original DELL it was supposed to be tied to.

When I activate it, I just phone them up. When they ask is it the first time its been activated I say no. When they ask why are you reactivating it, I just say I had a hard disk failure and had to format. They have given me an activation code every time. If they ask have you changed any components from the computer say no and see what they say.

I think I remember reading somewhere that Microsoft are only allowed to keep the details of your computers components for a maximum of 3 months because of the data protection act.

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