Winamp Forums Security Breach Notification.

  Big L 266 09:37 16 Feb 2011


I've just opened an email purporting to be from the Winamp Forums Security Notification in which there has been a security breach of their user forums database.It says my email address along with all my other details have been exposed and that I should change user passwords etc.

I am indeed about to go into Winamp and remove my forum details and close the account.I just wonder if any other Winamp user has been notified of this incident within the past few minutes? I'm not putting a link to this for obvious reasons.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Big L 266

  Woolwell 10:29 16 Feb 2011

Do not follow any link from such an e-mail as it may well lead to false site. Are you sure that this is from Winamp?

I use a different e-mail address for forums to that for finance, etc.

  Big L 266 10:44 16 Feb 2011

Woolwell....I don't think its from Winamp. I went on their general website and popped into thier forums and not a mention of it anywhere. I've deleted the email and am running a quick scan of everything in case I've downloaded a 'nasty' when I opened it. I didn't follow their link nor have I contacted their email address. I have since cancelled my details in Winamp forums to be safe.

Its so annoying as WinAmp is my media player for everything.

Big L 266

  wee eddie 10:58 16 Feb 2011

Classic technique. For Winamp read HSBC or Barclays

  spuds 10:58 16 Feb 2011

Was the email address actually yours, or a facsimile of something else?.

  Big L 266 11:07 16 Feb 2011

wee eddie....Its beginning to feel a lot like it.

spuds....They've used my right email addy but its the end which is odd. When I go to their forums by myself there isn't a thing about this anywhere, but their link supposedly leads to it. It gives Winamps address and Nullsoft but it just doesn't feel right having been with them for three years now. They didn't mention my name in the opening titles which they should've. I think wee eddie is right.

My security check in Norton 360 only shows 6 cookies, and Malwarebytes has its usual 2 items and SuperAntiSpyware has just its usual adware tracking cookies in it. Nothing appears to have been compromised thankfully.

Its annoying me more than it should.

  Big L 266 11:20 16 Feb 2011

My security sweep found nothing other than the usual tracking cookies and I'm about to do a reboot to get rid of them followed by a CCleaner sweep.

I'm so annoyed by this.

  Woolwell 11:23 16 Feb 2011

These things are unsettling. What they hope to gain is your login and then it depends on what personal details are stored on the site eg full name, date of birth, password reminder clues, etc. Always a good idea to leave the minimum on sites.

  Big L 266 13:27 16 Feb 2011

X7-250....They hid that well didn't they? I looked on their general website and there was nothing,and even on their forum website there was still nothing obvious. Clearly my email was the genuine article and from your link have made the appropriate changes.Thank you very much indeed for that. It is really and greatly appreciated.

Woolwell....We live in unsettling times when we're on the web.I genuinely thought this was a fake email,but X7-250s' link proves it wasn't.I did remove and delete key information about myself and left enough just to keep it open.I hope this will be the end of it as my Yahoo spam setting is set to delete without showing me any spam.

I can rest easy now plus my security sweep only found the usual culprit cookies.Time for a well deserved pint of squash.

Thank you to all of you for your help.

  Matt Egan 14:31 16 Feb 2011

I was about to wade in and say that this is DEFINITELY phishing. Just goes to show you never can be too cautious. Still the advice given above with regard to phishing is all sound - and I'm surprised the Winamp forums couldn't find a better way of notifying you. I'd like to think it could never happen here, but you never say never where interet security is concerned. Rest assured, however, that if there was the slightest possibility of a similar breach we'd be shouting it from the rooftops.

  Big L 266 17:19 16 Feb 2011

Matt....Phishing is what crossed my mind at first.Winamp sadly isn't the tidiest or easiest website to navigate round and it hasn't changed much in the past three years.For them not to have this security breach in flashing lights on entering the website is unforgivable especially as Winamp Pro is my sole media player.

Many a fine PCAer has shouted such scams from the rooftops and am sure has saved many (me included) from pushing on a bad link.I feel like firing off a nasty email to Winamps CEO in the USA but I'm not going to.I must be getting soft in my old age.

Had X7-250 not offered up that link,I probably would've and its thanks to this fine PCAer which made me realise that for once I had a genuine email about breach of security.This person deserves special praise and I'm sure you'd all agree with that.

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