Will you read this warranty.

  Tick Tock 14:41 08 Jul 2006

looking to buy a new pc and looking at a site with this warranty on 2 year RTB free collect and return.


pcs sold with windows come with software installed
including cd burning software,software dvd player,also antivirus and win xp has software firewall,

After reading it all through it ends by saying.

The warranty scheme is not available to customers who choose to alter the preinstalled software,or install additional software or hardware to the machine they have purchased.

So if i want to add my programs like spybot,ad-aware,ccleaner,and even zonealarm,plus things like brittanica cd,will the warranty then become void or i am reading it wrong.

  anskyber 15:19 08 Jul 2006

Looks like it from your quote. Can you give a link to the site?

  SB23 16:51 08 Jul 2006

If that was really the case, how many people are going to have made their warranty invalid by adding software/hardware to the new machine? Including myself.

  Tick Tock 17:18 08 Jul 2006

I dont know how to send a link to a individual page but its this site click here

  Tick Tock 17:23 08 Jul 2006

The part where it says The warranty scheme comes under the terms and conditions near the end.

  rezeeg 17:28 08 Jul 2006

Where I'm reading it ends:

"The warranty does not cover:

Help with the installation of Windows if the operating system was not purchased at the same time as the base unit.
Any software-related issues beyond our control, e.g. Windows instability following the installation or removal of software packages that were not supplied with the original system
Virus, spyware and other malicious software infection."

That sounds reasonable to me.

  namtas 17:31 08 Jul 2006

I believe that I am right in saying that any expressed manufacturers or suppliers warranty or condition are deemed an addition to your rights under the sale of gooods act and not an alternative. They can not lessen your statutary rights under that act. Therefore, if that follows and what you have done is judged or decided to be abnormal or your act possiblly caused damaged by your doing it would lessen your chance of a claim.

  rezeeg 17:33 08 Jul 2006

Should have added that they are saying they're not responsible for any purchasers cock-ups - be it through software loading/removal or letting viruses etc come aboard.

  Tick Tock 17:33 08 Jul 2006

Yes but under the terms and conditions i have seen a bit more info on the warranty scheme which throws a bit of a different angle on it do you agree.

  anskyber 17:40 08 Jul 2006

Do you mean this? Our PC Systems Warranty covers your system in normal use only. This warranty does not cover damage caused during shipment (except shipment of the goods to you after purchase) or any damage caused by actions that are beyond our control including, without limitation; impacts, fluids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning or similar disaster; war, riot; unauthorised modifications, attachments or peripherals; improper use, installation or electrical supply; improper maintenance; any other misuse, abuse or mishandling. This warranty is not applicable to software products; any warranty applicable to software is provided by the original manufacturer.

  Tick Tock 19:32 08 Jul 2006

on the terms and conditions page right near the bottom of the page it says.

The warranty scheme is not available to customers who choose to alter the preinstalled software,remove existing hardware or install additional software or hardware to the machine they have purchased.

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