Will prices every stop falling.........

  Batch 17:23 28 Oct 2010

I can't help it but I never seem to stop being gobsmacked by how prices plummet. Have just seen a Hitachi 1TB SATA 3.5" HDD for £36.60 (inc. VAT)

  timsmith259 17:29 28 Oct 2010

now where did you see that and why is there no link

  Batch 18:33 28 Oct 2010

Quite simple old bean - I don't want anyone thinking I'm spamming in this site. But if you really want to know I'll add it.

  rickf 13:39 29 Oct 2010

do post the link

  Batch 14:09 29 Oct 2010

There you go:

click here

  Diemmess 09:06 01 Nov 2010

Long ago in days of DOS, a Tandy 4mb HD cost me £2900. Marked down because Tandy were replacing it with an 8Mb HD @ £3900
It weighed 40lbs, and had to run for 1 minute before the computer coud boot from it, or risk scrambling the contents.

Try "solid state drives" in Google and see how prices are plummeting. The day of the spinning Winchester are numbered.

  Batch 09:29 01 Nov 2010

My first proper PC (DELL 286 in 1988) was £2185 for the basic system. That had a whopping 640K memory, 40MB HDD and a colour monitor.

Dos 3.3 was £75 extra.

But the thing that really hurt was an extra 1MB of memory that cost £564 on top.

Grand total (incl. delivery) was £2840

  Diemmess 14:23 01 Nov 2010

I have just checked a treasured invoice of 1991 -
Technomatic 1Mb SIMMS including VAT and delivery was £85.88
That was cheap at the time!

  Batch 15:42 01 Nov 2010

Who knows!

But it was standard Dell pricing at the time. And I doubt if Mr Dell with entertain a cpomplaint at this late stage.

The next one (in 1994) was an Elonex with 8MB, 260MB HDD, early Windows (3.1?) and came to £1621 in total.

Then an Evesham Celeron 300 (1998) with 64MB, 6.4GB HDD, Win98 for £750.

Followed by Mesh Athlon 1.1Ghz (2001) 256MB, 20GB HDD, WinME at £1184 (allowing for prices falling, this one seems expensive).

The Mesh lasted 7 years before just system unit was replaced (with P4 3Ghz, 512MB, 160GB HDD, no OS) for £130.

  Covergirl 22:35 01 Nov 2010

. . . PC World et-al start selling them and give their customers some VFM.

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