Will I see the difference?

  ajm 11:37 29 Jan 2004

I recently bought the IIYAMA E431S TFT screen that has both DVI and VGA on the monitor. I use the PC for surfing, Email , occasional photo manipulation and very rarely, play games.

I was wondering if the quality of the screen will be better if i buy a graphics card with a DVI port or just stickj with what I have: NVDIA Geoforce MX420 64MB

  canard 11:40 29 Jan 2004

Upgrading graphics card produces MUCH better pic. Ask the pundits which are the best cards.

  Jonathan314159 12:53 29 Jan 2004

Must be my eyes - I have never noticed any difference in the quality of the picture from changing the graphics card.

Huge difference in performance, but not really for the stuff you are doing

  canard 17:10 29 Jan 2004

I went from an ATI to a Geforce and the diff was vast.

  carver 17:23 29 Jan 2004

You will see a difference if you switch to a graphics card with a DVI output, but it's more noticeable in games.

  helmetshine 18:11 29 Jan 2004

I've recently upgraded my graphics card from a Radeon 8500 to a Radeon 9800 Pro...as far as surfing and email goes...absolutely no difference what so ever.Games are a different story altogether...i can now run Medal of Honour.Allied Assault at 1600x1200 with all the goodies turned on and still get good framerates...so to put it in a nutshell..for normal windows operation...no difference...for games...a vast difference
As you rarely play games unless the difference between an analogue and digital input to your monitor are considerable it hardly seems worth upgrading
As far as photo manipulation goes...not having been involved in that but reading these forums regularily i would have thought more memory would be a better upgrade for you as the files can be quite large.
i'm sure people far more knowledgeable than me will soon give you a definitive answer to your question but thats my best guess

  961 19:11 29 Jan 2004

Unless you play the latest games in 3D or want DVD ultimate you really won't notice a ha'porth of difference

(that's a halfpenny in old pounds)

  carver 20:49 29 Jan 2004

The main thing about the TFT you have is that the picture quality will be better with a DVI cable. You do not have to go over the top as far as graphic cards are concerned, as long as it has a DVI connection you will get a better picture. Buy one of the lower end cards, it doesn't have to be fast or expensive. I've got the same monitor as you and I can assure you it is better with a DVI cable attached.

  canard 23:18 29 Jan 2004

A better card gives a big diff viewing pics.

  DieSse 00:20 30 Jan 2004

All cards are not the same in terms of picture quality - you may get another card and see an improvement, or you may see a degradation - or you may notice no difference.

The same with DVI - it depends a lot on the monitor , not the card, as to whether DVI will make a difference or not.

Of course a faster card will give better results where speed is required - but that's not what you asked about.

The quality of the picture from any graphics card depends more on who made the card, and how good the design of the output stages are, rather than which chipset is used on the card.

Personally I wouldn't think it's really worth your while changing, unless you current pictutre in not satisfactory.

  GibsonSt19 09:06 30 Jan 2004

From GeForce 3 to an ATI Radeon 9899 Pro (256mb), and I certainly noticed the difference.

Choose wisely.

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